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Saturday, March 23, 2013

One Cough in 9 Months!!/BEST Culture Result!!

 Some pics of Lil' Chris doing his Pulmozyme and Vest before bed.

I was just looking back on my blog here, and I realized that Lil' Chris has only had ONE cough since he started the Pulmozyme daily!!! Pulmozyme helps thin the mucus. He used to get about 5 coughs a year, and now it has been 9 months and he has only had ONE cough!!! And that's including culturing Pseudomonas 2 times!
He used to always get coughs after a cold, but he hasn't the last few times, including his last cold on 3/7/13!! WooHoo!!

Oh, btw, his last culture came back.....

drum roll please..... 


Thank you all for your prayers!!! Keep them coming, because they are working:)

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