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Sunday, April 28, 2013

1 Week til our CF Walk!!!

1 week from today is our big CF walk!!! I can't wait!! If you would like to walk, you can register by clicking here and click "join my team" or you can sponsor us by clicking "click to donate."

BIG THANK YOU to Chantel, Todd, Josh, and Mia for your generous donation!! Wish you guys could be here to walk with us!!!

Another BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Claes, the Administrator at Lil' Chris' School, for signing up to walk with us and has already raised money!! Mr. Claes has also been putting my blog in the school newsletter to all the parents to help raise awareness about our walk and about Csytic Fibrosis. THANK YOU MR. CLAES for being such a GREAT supporter of Lil' Chris!!!

BIG THANK YOU  to Sean and Michelle, our neighbors, for walking with us and has been diligently gathering donations and posting my blog link on their fb to spread awareness!! You guys ROCK!!! 

I've had more hits on my blog more than ever thanks to everyone who has been sharing it!!! AWARENESS IS KEY TO A CURE!!!! Awareness brings donations, donations bring a CURE!!!

Plans for the walk are all coming together nicely!! BIG THANK YOU TO DOMINOS, PANERA BREAD, and McDONALDS for donating the food!!! We wouldn't have a walk if it weren't for you guys!!

Everyone has been telling me that they have been seeing my commercial for the walk!! That's BIG THANKS  to MCTV for donating all that air time for us!! THANKS MCTV!!!

Thanks, and I'll see ya in one week:)

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