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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cough Update

Sorry it's been awhile, but I've been busy fundraising and organizing for our upcoming walk for CF on May 4th. This is our 5th annual walk!! I can't believe how time flies! Seems like yesterday I made the call to the CF Foundation to get a walk started here in our town since all the other walks are kinda far:)

I'll update you more on the walk later, but for now I'll fill you in on lil Chris...My last post was when he had that bad cough and we thought he was going to have to get an antibiotic for it...we'll, I'm happy to say that his cough went away on its own and I didn't even need to call the clinic!!! YEA!!!! I was so relieved!! He's has been doing great since!! Thank you all sooooo much for all your prayers!!! God definitely heard our prayers and answered them!!

Well, I gotta get back to fundraising... I'm in the process of writing a letter to the kids classes about joining us for our walk and raising money for A CURE 4 Lil' Chris;)

Keep checking back for some exciting news coming soon:)

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