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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5/6/15 GREAT Annual Clinic Visit

Chris had an AMAZING annual clinic visit today!! Here are his results that I keep in my phone in an app called Easy Lists(highly recommend it, I use it for everything;)...5/6/15 almost 8 yrs old-53.25", 64 lbs, 78th% weight, 92% height, 52% BMI, PFT 96/93. Last visit was on 12/17/14 52", 57.5 lbs, BMI 14.96 30th percentile, PFT 111/110.

So he gained over an inch, and a whopping 6.5 POUNDS!!!! WHAAAAAT?????? That's the most pounds gained EVER!!! I guess his new enzymes are really working!! We couldn't be more happy!!! They even said he doesn't really need to do the Scandishakes(600 calorie supplement drink) anymore!!

His PFT's went down some, but he wasn't trying very hard because his belly was hurting all morning. Poor thing, it was hurting throughout the whole visit off and on. He's ok now though.

He didn't need to get chest X-rays this year, but he did need to get blood work done. He was such a big boy!! He didn't cry at all!! Test results and culture results will come soon.

We tried asking about getting the Afflovest, but they didn't recommend it. Until there is proof that it works just as good as his Hillrom vest, they won't prescribe it. Bummer. I've heard great things about the Afflovest and it would be very nice to have for travels, because it runs off of battery packs. So he could do it in the car or even walk around with it on! Oh well. If it's not going to be good for him, then we don't want to chance it.

I also asked about getting the eRapid Nebulizer for his daily Pulmozyme that he inhales. They are going to try and get it for us. It will cut his treatment time from 10-15 min down to 2-3 min!!! Woohoo!!! :)

All in all, a GREAT annual clinic visit!!!

Our CF walk this past Sunday went GREAT as well!! The weather was beautiful and we raised about $27,000!!  I will post pictures soon!! :)

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