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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cough and Throat Culture Update

Lil' Chris' throat culture came back "normal". YEA! Only problem is...he finished his antibiotic on Sunday, but he still has a cough. It seemed to go away after being on the Augmentin for the first week, but then the cough came back in the last week of being on it. The same thing happened the last time he was on Augmentin. So, from now on, he won't get Augmentin b/c he has apparently built up an immunity to it. Now he will get the next strongest antibiotic...Ceftin(he was on it once before but didn't like it). If his cough doesn't go away be Monday or if it gets worse sooner, then we will have to take him for another throat culture and most likely he will be put on Ceftin.

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