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Friday, August 29, 2008

Look Who's Walking!!

Lil' Chris has finally started walking! YEA! Only took 14 1/2 months. He loves to walk all over now. He even just walks in circles around the living room! It's so cute! He still falls on his butt every now and then. He doesn't watch where he steps, so he tries to walk over things and then he falls down. He'll get the hang of it:)
Sometimes he gets more interested in WHAT he is walking on, then walking itself. You'll see in this video. We were at a park and they had lil' wood chips to walk on.

In this one, he almost started to run toward me! At the end, you can see my big baby belly..it's the big grey bump at the bottom of the screen.

This was when we got back from the park. Again, you can see my belly at the end... it always gets in the way now:)



Auntie Steph said...

awww....how cute! That's so exciting that he is walking now! I love the 'just learning',unsteady, toddle they do! He is getting so big. He's gonna be huge by the time I get to see him! You'll have to email us some belly pictures, of our 'niece'! :)

Aunt D. said...

Wow! Look at him go! You guys are in for it now! =) Just kidding! Give him a big hug & kiss from me!