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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CF Annual Clinic Visit Tomorrow!!

CF Annual clinic visit tomorrow morning. I'm a little worried about his weight. He seems to be stuck on 38 lbs whenever he jumps on the scale here...seems like it's been a YEAR!!! Ughhhh;( I wish he would just EAT!!! It's so hard to see other kids younger than him eat like a champ, or Ayla scarf down food like she hasn't eaten in days... when Lil' Chris is the one who needs all the extra calories!!!! Frustrating!!! I keep praying his appetite will pick up.

Other than the weight, he is doing so well that I'm not worried about the rest, except of course the dreaded throat culture result;-( I pray it's "normal" or nothing to worry about. I'm soooooo glad he never got a bad cough after that last cold like he usually does!!!

Well, I'll let you know how the visit goes!!
PS. I'll try to catch up on my "31 days of CF" on FB soon, I promise! Even if it takes me to December, I'll finish it!!! LOL ;-)

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