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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, it's official!!! WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY!!!!! YEA!!!!!!! I just booked it!! :)

It may hurt us in the long run since we can't really afford it right now, but it's something I've ALWAYS wanted to take Lil' Chris to. Ever since he was diagnosed, I've wanted to take him to Disney. I never got to enjoy it as a kid, but I DID get to enjoy it as an adult numerous times now (starting with our Honeymoon;-)
With Cystic Fibrosis, you just never know when it may turn for the worse. Even though Lil' Chris is so "healthy" right now, it could all change in a blink of an eye. I've seen other CF kids doing just fine and then they catch a bad bacteria in their lungs and within 6 months to 1 year they are gone. I always thought to myself...if that were to ever happen to Lil' Chris before I got to take him to Disney, I would NEVER forgive myself. Well, now I don't have to worry anymore...well, not about Disney that is;) He is healthy and doing well, and we are going to enjoy watching every second of his excited face on every aspect of our Disney trip:) I can't wait!!! I LOVE to see his beautiful, excited smile:) It's going to be a BLAST!! Ayla is going to love it too!!

If CF has taught us anything, it's that life is too short! Why wait? Take advantage of the time you have together, b/c you never know what tomorrow brings.

Here is a pic of Lil' Chris and Chris looking at the pics of our Disney Resort. (He DID have a very excited face right BEFORE I took this pic...oh well LOL:) We are staying 6 nights at the Pop Century Resort with the Quick-Service Dining Plan, Park Hopper Plus, and Waterpark!! Pop Century has THREE pools, one in the shape of a bowling pin...Lil' Chris LOVES bowling:) AND...it has HUGE cell phones at each end of one of the complexes!! We all know Lil' Chris AND Daddy LOOOOOVE cell phones;-) LOL! Ayla and Mommy love them too;-) Hee hee :) They both LOVE rides too. Neither one ever says "No" to a ride, so this vacation is going to be SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

Less than 2 weeks before our CF walk on May 14th, so if you haven't signed up to walk or donate yet....click here:)

Thanks, and pray we have beautiful weather for our walk and our Disney trip:)



Jenny said...

We took Bryce for his first visit this past January and it was worth every penny (we stayed at All Star Movies)!! We stayed at Pop Century on our first visit with the girls and LOVED it!! I think Pop Century is my favorite of the economy resorts. Quick service meal plan is great...lots of choices. If you bump up to the Basic dining plan you can do character dining which is so fun also. Chris and Ayla are going to have a BLAST!! Can't wait to see pics and read all about your trip. Enjoy!

Auntie Steph said...

YAY!!! When are you guys going? You can text me if you don't want to put the dates on here. Wish we were going at the same time, the kids would have a blast!
Love you guys!

Rachel Olimb said...

This is so exciting! We took Asher to Disneyland a few months ago and we got a medical pass. You probably already know about it, but I thought I would mention it just in case because you need it :). You get to go in the handicapped lines and bypass the huge lines, hours of waiting, and standing around lots of people. Let me know if you need me to tell you how we got ours. He's going to love it! Hope you have a blast!

Gemma said...

I'm so excited for you guys and you are totally right, life is too short and noone knows what's round the corner.

Enjoy every second and please take lots of pics!