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Thursday, December 22, 2011

CF Update / 1st Christmas Musical

I can't believe it's been since Dec 5th that I last blogged!! Sorry about that:)

The kids and I are all doing great! Our colds are all gone and Lil' Chris' cough is much better. He just seems to cough the most in the morning, but it's not as junky sounding. Once I make him blow his nose, it's not as bad. The other day before school though, he was coughing so much that he threw up 2 times! It wasn't a bad cough though, more dry than wet. Once he blew his nose, he was fine. I HATE THICK, STICKY MUCUS!!! I'm sure Lil' Chris hates it more than me;) lol

We are all ready for Christmas and can't wait!! The kids are VERY excited! I told the kids(mainly for Lil' Chris' sake) that if they finished all 3 meals of the day, then they would get an early Christmas present...so far, they have only gotten one and I started this 10 days before Christmas;) LOL

I sent about 40 Christmas cards out and I wish I could send one to all of you, so here is YOUR card;-)...Merry Christmas!!

On Dec 13th, Lil' Chris had his 1st Christmas musical!! YEA!! He did such a GREAT JOB!! I of course sat on the wrong side of the room, but I tried to get pics and video as best I could with Ayla not sitting still on my lap;) LOL Check out the video below, he is the one all the way to the right in the red shirt. After they sang, they got a special visitor who Lil' Chris just had to go see like every 2 minutes!! LOL I can't believe Ayla actually sat on Santa's lap too!! She even told him what she wanted for Christmas! She wants a pink scooter and he wants a blue jeep, but since then it has changed to a spiderman bike. LOL I think he'll be happy with what Santa got him;-) LOL


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