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Friday, May 10, 2013

4th Annual Great Strides Walk was a SUCCESS!!!

Our big 4th Annual Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis was this past Sunday and it was AMAZING!! We had about 150+ walkers and raised about $20,000 dollars!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Our first year we only had about 50 walkers and only raised about $5,000...I'm so happy how our walk has grown and multiplied!! The more walkers=more money raised=the closer we are to a CURE!!! :) 

Our first year, everyone was able to stand under the pavilion and I would just stand on a table to talk, but this year there were so many walkers, that the only thing that would work was the loud speaker from the Ambulance:) And then Officer Cruz was nice enough to start the walk off with his siren! That was pretty cool! Maybe next year I'll see if Lil' Chris can push the button, that would be neat:)

This year was the first year I had to do all the announcements and everything, b/c Nate from the foundation had to go to another walk. I didn't mind doing it, but I felt bad that I wasn't more prepared. I got up there and completely went blank on a lot of our sponsors:( Next year I will def make a list and be sure to mention all of our sponsors!! So... since I can't go back in time and add them to what I said...I'll just mention them now on my blog(please feel free to share this blog post;) lol....

Panera Bread donated 100 yummy bagels. THANKS JESSICA!!!
Domino's on Burbank donated 25 yummy pizza's. THANKS VIC!!!!
McDonald's on Burbank donated 30 cheese burgers and french fries. THANKS LINDA and CHRISTIE!!!
Kohl's in New Philly, Medina, and Wooster=$1,500 for the day of the walk!!! WOOHOO!! By Sept, Kohl's will have donated about $7,000 total, and that's just OUR team, not all over the country!! Gotta love Kohl's!!!! If you don't shop Kohl's now.....you gotta start!! They raise millions for Cystic Fibrosis!!!
Wooster Christian School team had 8 different families that were there supporting Lil' Chris:) THANKS EVERYONE!!!
Preferred Wireless Sprint in Wooster
Verizon Wireless on Milltown Rd in Wooster
Wayne Savings Community Bank in Wooster
Starmark Farm in Wooster
General Building Maintance Corp. 
An anonymous $250 sponsor
The Faithful Little Cupcake
Feikert Concrete
Uncle Jim's Pepper Mustard
Pat Catan's
Akron Aeros
Wooster Fire Dept
Wooster Police Dept
Samaritan Care Ambulance
Dr. Dave and his AMAZING balloon animals:)
Carrie G-Thirty-One
Stephanie W.-Arbonne
Lu Ann Miller
Phyllis and Reed Seiberling
Tim and Jessica Corbett
Kathi Bond

Overall, we had a BEAUTIFUL day for our walk, a little windy when I was trying to tape down all the prizes and when we all were trying to put up our canopies, but still a gorgeous day!! 

BIG THANK YOU to my fellow CF moms Samantha, Denna, and Alma for all their help!! Denna made little goody bags for all the kids, and made BEAUTIFUL signs for all the CF kids so the walkers could read a little bit about who they were walking for and why. Samantha got LOTS of prizes and I'm happy to say that I actually ran out of raffle tickets!!! That's the first time EVER!!! I still had stuff to give away, but there were no more names in the bucket!! WOW!!! That's awesome!! Thank you Alma and team for all the yummy cookies!!

BIG THANK YOU to Nate for bringing and setting everything all up, and to everyone else who helped out in setting up too...my husband, Spencer, Oma, Opa, Jessie, and Kevin!! I was so thankful that Kevin volunteered to take pictures with his awesome camera this year!! THANK YOU KEVIN, you're the BEST!!! I will post the pictures when I get them:)

THANK YOU to our CFers who we walked for...Lil' Chris, Daniel, Jack, Aden, Sophia, and Aubrey!! You guys did a GREAT JOB wearing your Hawaiian leis the whole time and staying away from each other, because of the risk of cross contamination!! So proud of you all!!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to all who walked for "A Cure 4 Lil' Chris!!" I would name you all, but there were so many, about 80!! That's AWESOME!!!;) We had lots of family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and  classmates!! I'm sorry I didn't get to go around and talk more with you all. You all brought tears to my eyes with how many showed up just for Lil' Chris!! We can't thank you all enough for giving up a Sunday to walk, and for all your generous donations!! 

BIG THANK YOU to my sister and her kids for driving all the way from NC to walk for Lil' Chris:) We had so much fun at the walk, at Put-in-Bay, and Acres of Fun mini golf!! Can't wait to see you guys again!!

Thanks again everyone who walked, donated, or sponsored our walk!! It sure was a SUCCESS!!! More pictures coming soon!!! :)
PS. Update on Lil' Chris' CF clinic visit this last Wednesday coming soon!!

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