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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 4 CF Awareness / Are you a CF carrier??

 Meet Aden...a new CF team:)
 Meet Aubrey...another new CF team for this years walk:)

May is CF Awareness Month, so I will try to update everyday this month. Here is Day 4...

Did you know that more than 10 million Americans are unknown, symptomless carriers of Cystic Fibrosis?? They carry the defective CF gene. My 2 sisters and my sister-in-law and my husband and I are all CF carriers. None of us ever knew until my middle sister was tested in 2003 while she was pregnant. Then my older sister was told during her 3rd pregnancy (they didn't do that testing with her first 2 pregnancies). My sister-in-law found out during her first pregnancy. Fortunately their husbands were not carriers. Both my husband and I carry the Delta F508 defective gene, which we found out after Lil' Chris was born. We never knew it until Lil' Chris was already conceived. Therefore, Lil' Chris was born with Double Delta F508, which is the most common CF gene. In order for someone to have CF, they must inherit a defective CF gene from both parents.
Each time 2 carriers of the defective gene conceive, there is a 25% chance that child will have CF, a 50% chance that child will be a carrier, and a 25% chance that the child will not have the CF gene at all.
The odds remain the same with each child. The severity and symptoms of the disease vary considerably due to different mutations of the gene. As of right now, we have been told that Ayla is not even a carrier! We are going to get her re-tested just to make sure.

We are all ready for our big CF walk tomorrow!!! My sister and her kids are here from NC and are going to walk with us!!! YEA!!! They were here for our very first Wooster walk, and now they are going to get to see how much our walk has grown:) I registered all my walkers that I know of, and there are about 80!! WOOHOO!!! It means sooooo much to have sooooo many support Lil' Chris. I can't even put our appreciation into words! And we have so many that donated but can't make it to the walk that we greatly appreciate too!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Here are the happenings for the walk tomorrow...

We will get there to set up around 9 or 9:30
Panera Bread will be there at 10:30 with yummy bagels:)
There will be fruit, water, juice, and lemonade
The Ambulance will get there around 10:30 and be there for the whole walk, I believe
The Fire Truck will be there from 11-noon
Pat Catan's Craft Table will be there at 11
Police Car will be there around 12:30-1:30p
Dr. Dave will be doing balloon animals
Domino's Pizza will arrive at 12:30
McDonald's cheese burgers and french fries will be there around 12:30
There will also be yummy cookies, chips, crackers, and more
After the walk, there will be many awesome prizes too!!! YEA!!!!

Hope to see you there!!!
PS. Please continue to pray for Tricia(adult CFer), she desperately needs new lungs, but is stable right now on a ventilator.

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