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Friday, April 16, 2010

New Blue Vest Pics & Video :)

Here are the pics and video of when I finally let Lil' Chris open his new Vest (I didn't have time to edit it, sorry;)

After the mess he made of the living room with all those tissues, he refused to pick them all up, so I told him he would have to take a nap early and THEN he can open his new Vest. So, he took a nap and when I brought him down, he gave me this puppy dog face and said "Open present now??" At first I thought "what present?" but then I realized he meant the new Vest box;-) So after I cleaned up all the tissues MYSELF while he was napping (clear throat;)...here is his excitement of opening his new Vest....(you can tell they are siblings, b/c they both are engrossed with the TV at the same time;) You'll also see that it comes in 2 parts. The black one is the part that goes inside the blue one...it's called the bladder. The black one is what fills up with air. The blue one is AWESOME, b/c it is machine washable!! YEA!!! It's about time they figured that one out...would have been more helpful when he was younger and throwing up all the time...oh well, at least new CF moms and dads will have them now for their lil' CFers;-)

The hoses connect differently too on this one. Instead of twisting them onto the outside, they get twisted into the little connections. Not sure if this is going to help with them popping off easily or not. You WILL see one pop off towards the end of the montage though. If you have speakers, you can probably hear that he likes it in the beginning(I love his face when I put it on for the first time;) but towards the end he just wants to take it off. He ACTUALLY says..."Ayla put it on??" This was a first for me and kinda took me back for a second!! I was kinda at a loss for words, b/c he had never said this before and I didn't know what to say to him! I think I just said that Ayla doesn't need to put it on or something like that. I think we may have to have a talk soon, now that Ayla is getting bigger and he sees her not doing what he has to do. I've been dreading this moment for awhile now. We were so wrapped up with the new Vest that I didn't really get a chance to explain it to him, but I will have to soon. I just hope that it doesn't affect him wanting to do his Vest or pills anymore. I'M SCARED!! But I'm sure it will be fine, I'm just dreading it. Anyway, this subject could be a whole new post itself;-) lol

So, without further ado, meet our new blue Vest...(oh, one more thing;) I forgot to mention that it is really quiet. Our last one had air holes that made noise, but this one doesn't...and sorry about my voice in the video's, but I have a cold and I was wearing my hospital mask;) lol

BTW, we got his throat culture back and he grew something new called Streptococcus Pneumoniae. They said no changes need to be made. It made me a little nervous seeing Pneumoniae in it, but thanks to Piper on CysticLife, she put my mind at ease:) Thanks Piper:)

Also, our CF commercial is now playing all over town...YEA!! I've had people at work tell me that they saw it:) Only 2 more weeks until our walk on May 1st!! YEA!!

Right now, Lil' Chris just said the cutest thing...He was looking out the window at the groundhog that lives under our shed, and he said "Hi groundhog! What's your name? Are you hungry? Are you ok? You got a tail, why? Where are you going? Go night night groundhog." I just LOVE this kid =) He puts a smile on my face everyday:)



Aunt D. said...

Hey! Great post! Loved the video of Lil C talking & Ayla climbing all around. =) I was thinking about how you can have that conversation with him... maybe just tell him the new vest is something special just for him? That's what I tell Rafe about his neb. The nebulizer bag & machine are "all his" not for the girls which of course he likes. He still gets fussy doing it sometimes but at least he feels possessive about it. Another thing I was thinking was maybe Ayla could just put on his old vest while he's doing his new one so he can see her running around in it & feel like he's got something new? I dunno, it's a tough call with such a little guy. Give them both big hugs & kisses from us!!

Oma & Opa said...

I was thinking the same thing as D, that Ayla could wear his old vest while he is doing his treatment and the thing about the boy/girl--the blue vest is just for boys. I agree that it's hard to know how to explain this to a 3 yr old.
hugs & kisses to you all

Auntie Steph said...

Congrats on the new 'present'! The kids are getting so big, and I love their hair flips in the video. :) And I absolutely LOVE the conversation with the groundhog! PRICELESS!!!!!
Love and Hugs

CFMama said...

So funny you should post this now, I am calling in about an hour to have our vest replaced with a blue vest. I love how it is washable and it seems softer around the neck. Plus you said it is quieter, that is great!!! Does it still blow out cold air?