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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Clinic Visit Coming Up!

Here is a pic of Lil' Chris and Uncle Greg in the big U-Haul when Oma and Opa moved into their place just 10 minutes from us... (he was giving a thumbs up;)
I am putting together my list of questions for Lil' Chris' CF doctor, b/c we have a clinic appointment coming up this Wed the 15th. Here's what I got so far...

1. New insurance: We switched insurance for 2011, so I have to make sure they get a copy and everything they need. Instead of using Kohl's, we are going to use Verizon, my husbands job. BTW, does anybody need an air card or a Verizon phone???? Lol:) Seriously...he can do it for you;)
2. The last time I tried calling for refills on his Prevacid and Enzymes, the automated thing said that there are no more refills remaining....JUUUUUST GREAT!!! So I figured since we are going soon, I would just ask them in person. (BTW, we still got them in the mail...isn't that weird???)

3. The last time we got our enzymes, one of the bottles had different enzymes in it. He takes Creon 6000, but this one was Creon 1212. The sticker said Creon 6000, so I think they just made a mistake and put the wrong ones in.

4. Will cats effect Lil' Chris and his lungs. Oma and Opa have a cat, and the people that lived there before them had a dog that shed. Just wondering if it will effect him.

Well, I'll let you know how the clinic visit goes. Please pray for a good weight gain, for a "normal" throat culture, and for no problems.


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Victoria's Mom said...

Pet dander is likely only an issue if Lil' Chris is allergic. We have 3 cats and it doesn't seem to affect Victoria at all. Nor does she seem affected by every dog she can pet when given the chance.

If you were out of refills, but a new one came anyway - the likely called your doctor and asked about a refill. The Rx # is likely different with a new set of refills. ;-)

That's really weird that they put 12,000's inside. I hope that was a pharmacy filled bottle and not a manufacturer filled bottle.

Good luck at your clinic visit on Wednesday.