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Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Pics / Cookies / Snow / CF Update

Lil' Chris(3 1/2) and Ayla(23 months) getting their pic with Santa:)
Lil' Chris telling Santa what he wants for Christmas:)

My lil' Mrs. Clause;)

They are getting so big!!
Lil' Chris giving Ayla a hug:)

The other day I took the kids to get their pic with Santa at Walmart for free!! They did a really good job (even though you could tell they were a lil' scared;) NO TEARS!! YEA!! Lil' Chris actually told Santa what he wanted for Christmas!! I was SHOCKED!! I didn't think he would say anything....I felt like I was watching "A Christmas Story" when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and there was that long pause.....then finally he said "A Robot!!" They had a whole bunch of the Alphie the Robot a few feet away, so he even pointed to it and showed Santa when he got off of his lap!! Too cute!! I was SOOOOO proud of him:)

Everybody kept saying how cute Ayla was in her Mrs. Clause outfit:) While we were walking around Walmart after their pics, all I kept hearing was "Awwww! Look how cute!!" It was so funny! A stranger even snapped a pic of her with his cell phone!! A lil' creepy, but I'll take it as a compliment for having such a cute kid;-) LOL!

When we got home, they took their naps(Lil' Chris woke up dry again:) so we made Christmas cookies!! They had lots of fun!! Afterwards they decorated them with these cool decorating markers!! They had a blast!!
Cool roller with different cutouts on it...

Decorating them with markers....

Finished product:)...(they tasted pretty good;)
This morning Lil' Chris was doing his Vest, but still wanted to watch Daddy get the snow blower out of the shed:)....

As for a CF Update....Lil' Chris was complaining of a sore throat all day yesterday and then threw up twice in the middle of the night. The first thing he said today, was that he feels better:) He said his throat doesn't hurt anymore. YEA!! Praise the Lord!! I just hope it stays away!

Thanks for all your prayers and keep them coming that we all have a healthy winter,

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Auntie Steph said...

Love the santa picture! LOL...at first I thought Ayla was wearing Chris' outfit from last year, then I saw that it was a dress like top! opps!!! They are so cute! Your getting pretty crafty with them! :) Love you guys and praying for health for everyone!