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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Guess what?????


He has been waking up dry at nap time AND in the morning!!! He has been wearing his undies too instead of pull-ups!!! I know he is only 3 1/2, but he seems like such a BIG boy now!!! ;)

Now if only we could get his sister potty trained;-) LOL!! I tried for a day a few weeks ago, but she had 8 accidents(on my FLOORS!!) and didn't go on the little potty at all. I could get her to sit, but as soon as she would stand up, she would pee on the carpet;( I was too stressed at that time already with Thanksgiving coming up, so I decided to wait til after the holidays. She's so funny though....when I tell her to go pee pee on the big potty, she goes and stands in front of it and holds her shirt up....one problem though....SHE'S NOT A BOY!!!! LOL!!!! She want to do EVERYTHING like her big brother;-) When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!! LOL!!!! She'd probably be easy to train if she was a boy, but....well....she's just not;) LOL

This was her first time wearing big girl undies:)

I've been getting questions as to how I potty trained Lil' Chris, so I thought I would share my secrets;) Every kid is different, so this technique may not work on your kid and it may not even work on Ayla. I guess you just have to know your kid and their likes and dislikes.

1. Click here to find out how we potty trained him during the day. We started potty training him in August of 2009, he was 26 months old. You can look at my archive on the right hand side of this blog(down a bit) to read all the potty training posts from then.

2. To potty train him during the night, we used the same potty chart as we did when we trained him during the day. This time he got 2 stickers when he woke up dry....one for his shirt, and one for his potty chart.

3. Every time he woke up dry he would get his stickers and a "small gift." I went to the Dollar Store and bought about $20's worth. Sometimes I would just give him one, or I would let him pick which one he wanted, or I wrapped them and gave it to him. He liked opening the "present." I think that's when he really started waking up dry every time;)

Here is a pic of him playing with one of his "presents" after waking up dry from a nap(he likes crafts;)....

4. Another thing that I think really helped, was him hearing me talk to one of the babysitters one day. I was telling her that he just wasn't getting it YET, but pretty soon one day he would just realize "OHHHH, I'm not SUPPOSED to go in my pull-ups!!" It seemed like after that conversation, he started waking up dry every time, except for that one time when he was up all night throwing up.

He has only had one accident in the last couple of weeks, so not bad!! All in all, it only took maybe 2 weeks to train him and one of those weeks he was waking up dry but in his pull-ups. He caught on pretty quick! I'm just sorry I didn't try it earlier;-) LOL!

Now for a CF Update:

Lil' Chris is still doing GREAT!! No coughs or colds for any of us yet!! YEA!! You know what that means though, right?? We are probably going to all be sick for Christmas;( Lol! Oh well, as long as we are all healthy by the time Nathan comes for a visit!

BTW, Nathan(my nephew who has Leukemia) is doing well. His hair started to fall out from the chemo, so my SIL got him a buzz cut...I like it!! If it wasn't winter, I would do it to Lil' Chris! :) Please pray for Nathan and my SIL and BIL as they will have to give him shots at home the next couple of days and then I think 4 days next week too. That's gotta be hard. "WE LOVE YOU NATHAN!"



Azer's Mom said...

Yay!!! I remember the day both of my kids were potty trained! Oh happy day! No more diapers!

Auntie Steph said...

YAY Lil Chris! Aunt Stephie is soooo proud of you!!!
That is so funny that Ayla stands at the potty like her big brother! I had a little girl in my class one year do that, because that's how her brother peed! lol
Nathan is doing as well as can be with the shots! He's ok with the shot, but the meds burn going in so he knows what to expect, and cries because of the burn! He's a real trooper though! Thanks everyone for your prayers!

Oma & Opa said...

hahaha...love the picture of Ayla standing in front of the toilet.
Great Job Chris!!! No more pull-ups...YAY!!!!
love love love
hugs hugs hugs
kisses kisses kisses
always always always