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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Potty Training Chart/2nd Hair Cut/First Bath With Ayla

Potty training is going GREAT! Today he got the most stickers EVER!! He got 12 stickers in just one day! Our system seems to be working pretty good! I had made a potty chart by hand, but my wonderful hubby made a potty reward chart on the computer for him:) Thanks Honey:) He gets 1 sticker for going pee pee on the potty and 2 stickers for going poo poo on the potty, but he gets a sticker taken away if he has an accident on the floor or in his bed. After he gets a sticker, he gets to color on his paper for a minute...he LOVES that part:) He's really into having us trace his hands;-)

He is still having accidents at nap time and we haven't even tried night time yet. Lately he has been having accidents while doing his Vest. Not sure why, b/c he used to ask to go potty even during his vest treatment, but ever since he had that last fever he has been having accidents during vest time. Weird. We're working on it though.

He now is going more on the big potty too! Maybe we can do away with his little potty soon:) Hopefully, for Mommy and Daddy's sake;-) LOL

His favorite part about going to the potty used to be flushing the toilet, but now he LOVES to wash his hands:) We were using a little step stool where he could barely reach the water, but now my hubby put a little step ladder up to the sink, so now he can reach the water perfectly. He LOVES IT! Sometimes I think he makes himself go on the potty just so he can wash his hands! The whole time he pees he says "Wash hands, wash hands?" Too funny:) Anything that works, right? lol

Tonight he got his hair cut for the second time! So exciting! I didn't get any pics, b/c I was getting my hair cut at the same time. I did however get some "after" pics though;-)

Also, tonight was the first time we put both Lil' Chris AND Ayla in the tub together for a bath! They loved it! It only took Lil' Chris 5 seconds to dump water on her head;-) Good thing she likes the water:) LOL

BTW, Lil' Chris' cough is much better and no more fevers so far with the Augmentin:) Yea!
PS. The Kalahari pics are coming soon, I promise;-)

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Katey said...

I'm go glad Lil Chris is feeling better and no more fevers :)

His haircut is precious!! And I love the picture of him pouring water on Ayla's head :)

Hopefully lil Chris will conquer the potty training during nap time and during vest treatment!! I'll be praying for that!!