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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lil' Chris has a cold ;-(

Poor Lil' Chris has a cold;-( At least it waited until my in-laws left. Only a few hours after they left yesterday, his lil' nose started running and hasn't stopped yet;-( He also has been coughing a little bit more. He doesn't let anything stop him though...he just keeps on playing with his toys like there is nothing wrong! Gotta love him:) Please pray that this cold doesn't turn into something worse as we all know it can.

Hey! When did he get tall enough to turn the lights on and off?!? And when did Ayla get so smart that she can imitate shaking her head "no" and "yes"?!? These kids are too much;-) They put a smile on my face everyday!!! :) Wait...let me rephrase that... They put a smile on my face NUMEROUS times everyday!!! :) :) :)

We had a great visit with my in-laws. We went to Cedar Point...the BEST amusement park EVER!! Pics to come:)
PS. I didn't forget about the Vest pics...they are coming soon!


Katey said...

Praying lil Chris's cold is gone in a flash and doesn't turn into anything worse...but be extra careful...that flu is passing around like crazy!!!!

lil Chris and Ayla are just too cute....they put a smile on my face too from just reading your blog and looking at pictures :)

Zoe Isabella said...

Oh, no! Hopefully it will go away quickly!
Will keep you guys in our prayers....

Graciy said...

Lil Chris is so tuff! What a trooper. I hope he gets better soon.

Oma & Opa said...

I wonder if he has allergies, he was outside alot with Opa this past weekend and the hill in back of you is filled with golden rod. I am praying for God's healing hand to be upon his little body and for this to pass quickly.
Dad & I had a great time this past weekend. It saddens me every time we have to leave to come home. Anyway, give my grandbabies hugs & kisses for me.
Love to you all.