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Friday, February 11, 2011

Cough Video / $125 CF Survey

I'm gonna try to keep this short, but no promises;-)

I didn't post about it before, but Lil' Chris had a bad night the night before Ayla's birthday. We think it was the Chex Mix that he had. That was the only thing he ate that was different. He threw up about 5 or 6 times and was just laying on the couch from nap time to bed time.

Then this past Wed, it happened again! He didn't have anything new, so we still are not sure what caused it this time. He was fine all day, then when he woke up from his nap he was complaining of his head hurting right above his right eye. You could tell he was in a lot of pain, b/c tears were just coming down his face. I felt so bad for him esp since I didn't have any children's Tylenol in the house and I was just about out the door to go to an A-team event for Kohl's(Woo after School Skate Club). I told Chris to go and pick some Tylenol up when Ayla woke up, but he never got to b/c Lil' Chris started throwing up. The A-team event (actually it's called Associates in Action now) was for 3 hours. So afterwards, I called and Lil' Chris was sleeping on the couch, which NEVER happens, and his head still hurt and was throwing up. So I picked up some Children's Tylenol on my way home. He took it, but then threw up, so not sure how much actually got down. He did seem to start to feel better about an hour later though after a few more throw ups. He didn't eat or drink anything though, and we didn't do his Vest just like the night before Ayla's birthday. That's usually the only time I don't make him do his Vest. I don't want to stir anything else up...if you know what I mean;-) He slept good throughout the night other than asking for a drink of water, which I was more than happy to give to him. The next day, Oma said he was still complaining of his head hurting. She gave him more Tylenol before I got home from work and his head seemed better. He was complaining of a bellyache tho, but not for long. We have clinic on March 16th, so I'll have to ask the dr about all of this.

To top it all off....he has had a wet cough for over a week now. I sent a message to the CF clinic about his cough through My Chart. Does every clinic use My Chart??? I LOVE it!! I can send them messages, ask questions, see his chart, see his upcoming appointments, see his throat culture results, and more!! It's a GREAT tool that they added recently. Anyways, to make a long story short....he is started Bactrim last night, 10ml for 2 weeks. Since he was on Augmentin a few weeks ago for an ear infection, he couldn't go on it again, so that is why he is on Bactrim instead. He doesn't seem to mind it tho.

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Also, there is anther open CF survey right now so call 1-888-798-1889 extension 255 to do a 60 minute CF study and you'll receive $125!! This study is for you or your CF child that is between 6 and 17 and is currently on Tobi. The ladies name is Chris and she said to call even if you don't qualify b/c they may have another CF study for you!

Thanks and I'll let you know if I come across any other legit CF studies or surveys.

Please pray Lil' Chris' cough goes away quickly and that it doesn't turn into anything serious.

So much for keeping it short;-) LOL!!


Gemma said...

Oh no poor Lil' Chris :(

Is he too young to suffer from a migraine? Sounds just like my symptoms!

Hope you get an answer to the headaches and sickness and huge positive vibes that this cough clears quickly.

Take care xxx

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Maybe a sinus headache? I like the my chart too!

Azer's Mom said...

Azer gets a ton of headaches, I think sometimes they are from his sinuses.

Yeah, I LOVE the My chart thing from our hospital!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chris isn't feeling well. Hope the antibiotic takes care of it. It is so frustrating to finally finish one, and boom you have to start another one. I didn't know that the clinic used "my chart" how did you assess it? Sounds like a great tool to have. Take care and good luck at clinic. Mary, Daniel's Mom

Victoria's Mom said...

I hope Lil' Chris is feeling better soon and no more stomach upset.

What's 'My Chart'? Sounds like a good tool.

Josh said...

Hang in there, little buddy. :-( Big Hugs from Joshland!

Katey said...

I hope lil Chris is feeling better. Throwing up is no fun!! Keep us updated. I'll definitely be praying!

I have never heard of MyChart. It sounds awesome. I wish they had something like that at our CF clinics!