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Friday, February 25, 2011

CF Update / MORE SNOW!!!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday:) Special thanks to my hubby for the birthday post and for taking me to Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark;-) We had a BLAST!! It was our first time at this indoor waterpark. It is part of Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Our CF doctor called today to see how Lil' Chris' cough is and she said to wait and see for now since he isn't coughing all the time and it isn't as bad as it was before we started the Bactrim. She said to call back if it gets worse before out CF clinic appt in a couple of weeks. Please pray it goes away on it's own. It wasn't quit the response I wanted, so we'll see how this plays out.

Today we got MORE SNOW!!!! Ughhhhh!!! I really hope this is the last storm!!! I'm sick of driving in it, esp after this past Monday! Well, I gotta go b/c I'm going to have try to snow plow for the first time since Chris is working;( This should be interesting, it looks like 6-8 inches!

Have a safe and great day!


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