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Friday, February 18, 2011

New CF Mom Blog / CF Update on Lil' Chris

I met a new CF mom today, so I thought I would share her blog with you all. She has a 7 month old with CF. Her daughter's name is Caroline Josephine and she is just the cutest thing!! She just cultured Citrobacter Fruendii and Psuedo. She could really use your prayers.

So come on CF Community!!! Let's pull together and give her some bloggy love:) Stop by, say Hi, "Follow" her blog, and keep her in your prayers along with all our other CF buddies!!

Click here to go to her blog.

PS. Lil' Chris is STILL coughing. The medicine is getting lower in the bottle....praying his cough goes away before the Bactrim is done.


Gemma said...

Already loving that blog, Caroline is such a cutie-pie!

Really hope you guys can get rid of this cough, some irritating viral things doing the rounds here and the cough seems to last for weeks, hoep this isn't the case here.

You're in our thoughts.

Gemma said...