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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CiCi's Fundraiser / Thank You's:)

Last nights CF fundraiser at CiCi's Pizza was a hit!! LOL :) It's a long story, so I'll spare you the details...I will tell you that the downpour of rain did not help the situation any;-) LOL I'm just glad that my SIL's poster of Lil' Chris didn't get all wet and ruined.

Thank You to Josh from Welcome to Joshland for the AWESOME flyer he made for me to put out at my fundraisers!! THANKS JOSH!! I put them on yellow paper and they looked AWESOME!!

Special thanks to some friends that ventured out into the rain to come support Lil' Chris...

Vickie D and her husband

Sean and Michelle(thanks guys for your generous donation:)

BIG THANKS to my Kohl's girls...


Stacie M

Melissa M

and Donna H who saved me by coming at the last minute to be my 5th person to get the $500 grant! THANK YOU DONNA!!!

Woo Hoo 2 under our belt!! 8 more to go to hit our goal of $5000 raised just from Kohl's AIA events!! WE CAN DO IT!! It's for a GREAT cause:)

My upcoming events at Wooster's CiCi Pizza from 5p-8p are:

Wed April 20th (this was April 21st, but I changed it to the 20th)

Thurs May 5th

Thurs May 26th

And don't forget....our 2nd Annual Walk for a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis will be on May 14th at 9am at the Hewitt Cowels Pavilion by Ida Sue School in Wooster!!! ....Wow, I just sounded like my commercial! LOL!! Everyone at work keeps telling me that they have seen my commercial a bunch of times:) Some tell me it's creepy b/c they keep hearing my voice in their living room;-) LOL!! I went to Best Buy the other day to drop off some papers for volunteers for the walk, and the manager said "Yeah, I know what your talking about, I've seen the commercial for it!" :) LOL! Thanks again Clear Picture for playing our commercial so much! You guys ROCK!! (if you haven't seen it yet, it's posted on this blog under the header pic at the top:)

Click here to sign up today to walk, or if you can't make it you can always click here to donate:)

Another BIG THANK YOU to Amy K from work. She has raised $135 in sponsors already!! I asked her how she does it b/c she raised a lot last year too, and she said "It's no big deal, I just type up a letter and email it to my friends and family and then they donate!" Wow, You Go Girl!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!


PS. Coming soon....a BIG thank you to all my sponsers so far for my Great Strides Walk 2011:)

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