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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vitamin D Experiment / Mini Vaca

Well, my test about Vitamin D was right!! None of us has had a cold since 9/6/10 and then we went on a mini vacation this past weekend and I didn't give them their Vitamin D....and Ayla ended up catching a cold;-( Please pray that it doesn't spread to all of us, especially Lil' Chris! Note to self....Don't leave home without your Vitamin D!!!! :) Maybe it was a coincidence, but maybe not:) I'm not going to take the chance next time, it's too risky for Lil' Chris. He was complaining of a sore throat off and on today, but no runny nose yet. To all my CF buddies and fellow CF parents out there (and everyone else;).....try taking some extra Viatamin D and see if it works for you! An adult should get about 5,000 iu daily, and for Lil' Chris and Ayla, I've been giving them about 1,500 iu daily which is good for their age. I know of one CFer who said she was going to try it, so how about you??? :) Let me know if it works for you too!! :)

We had such a nice lil' mini vacation:) It was just what we all needed!! It was so nice and relaxing. The 8 hour trip went very fast for me b/c my sister D got me hooked on reading Twilight. LOVED IT!! Now I want to take another long trip so I can read the next book in the series:) LOL!

YEA!!! We FINALLY got to meet Cameron!! My best friend, Christi, had her first baby 4 months ago and I finally got to meet him!! He is just the cutest lil' guy!! He's going to have the girls lined up around the corner with those baby blue eyes:-)

The pic above is of the cousins...Lincoln, Ayla, Nathan, Tyler, and Lil' Chris. Nathan looks great and his hair has even grown back in!! YEA!! He is doing very well, thank you all for your prayers for him and Lil' Chris:)

One more bit of good news....my new District Manager told me today that he is going to come to our walk for Cystic Fibrosis on May 14th here in Wooster!!!! YEA!!! Thanks Jason!! Good thing I got everything all set to go LOL:)...food, entertainment, prizes....I'm READY and can't wait!! :)


PS. Don't forget...next CF fundraiser is on Wed April 20th from 5-8p at Wooster's CiCi's Pizza!!

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Auntie Steph said...

We were so excited for your surprise visit! In fact, the next time the kids rode the bus home from school, they went running to the house asking "Who's surprising us today? Is someone here?" They were expecting to see you guys again. It was kinda funny! Anyway, glad you were able to get away and visit, but sorry to hear Ayla picked up a little cold. Everybody's doing great here, even Lincoln is acting as if everything is fine, despite the fact that he has an ear infection. The only reason I took him was because he complained one night he couldn't sleep. But that morning he was acting fine. The following day I took him anyway, just to be on the safe side, and sure enough he had an infection.
We are excited for next week, when we get to "surprise" you guys! :)