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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cough Update / 1,000 HOURS on Vest / Fair Week pics

Holding hands walking at the Fair....love it:)

Tomorrow it will be 10 days that Lil' Chris has been on this Omnicef antibiotic. I think that was all they wanted him on it for. Well, guess what?? HE'S STILL COUGHING!! It almost seems worse! We've been doing his Vest like 4 times a day too!! He did actually spit a couple of times after coughing!! YEA!! This is what CFers are supposed to do...cough and then spit, esp when doing treatments. The Vest shakes up all that thick sticky mucus in their lungs, and then they are supposed to cough it up and out. I've been trying to teach Lil' Chris this for a long time, but he finally is getting the hang of it...not as much as I would like, but it's a start:)

So anyway, I called the CF clinic to get a refill on the Omnicef. Please pray it starts to kick in soon! This is the first time we have used Omnicef and I'm not so impressed yet.

Tonight was supposed to be Lil' Chris' 2nd soccer practice, but last week AND this week both got canceled!!! Is he EVER going to get to play soccer?!?! LOL! Poor kid was so excited 2 weeks in a row and then was so disappointed:(

Lil' Chris hit another milestone...he has done his Vest for OVER 1,000 HOURS and he's ONLY 4 years old!!! WAY TO GO BUDDY!!!!! I'M SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!
Above he was at 994 hours, below it was at 1,001 hours. It's kinda weird how it is missing one of the zero's in it though. Is everyone's like this once it passes 1,000??

Lil' Chris and Ayla's 3 fish all died;( They won another fish at the Fair on Monday, but today when we woke up...it had died too;( I guess we aren't very good at taking care of goldfish. LOL! We even bought a bigger fish tank with a filter and everything! I think Daddy was more upset than the kids! He was the one who kept cleaning the tank all the time;) The kids didn't take it too bad. Lil' Chris was kinda excited about flushing it, and flushed before we could even pour the fish in!! LOL!!

I saw this tomato planter on clearance for like $1, so I bought it for the kids to plant the seeds and watch them grow. Here are our tomatoes!! Not sure what we are going to do with them, since it is not the season for them now, but it's fun to watch them grow:)
This week was my hubby's 32nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!! It was also Fair Week, so we went on Monday and then tonight to check out the Demolition Derby. The kids had a BLAST!! If you click on the pictures, you can probably see them better:)

Lil' Chris WISHES he could get this BIG 4-wheeler!!!
"Ayla's PINK 4-wheeler"...everything is "Ayla's pink"...Ayla's pink bus will go to Ayla's pink school, etc...she's a riot!! :) She finally found a Pink 4-wheeler:)

Lil' Chris on Daddy's shoulders watching the Demolition Derby...

Ayla and Lil' Chris' noses were a little runny today. I think it is just allergies, but we are going to keep an eye on them. Praying it's not a cold.

As for me...I'm doing great! Got some great news and I have passed the 300 mark!! I have run on my treadmill for 319 days straight!! The only days I missed was when we were on vacations and I was away from my treadmill!! :) WOOHOO!!! Feels GREAT!! Pretty soon it will be one whole year!!!

Thanks for all the prayers for Lil' Chris,

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