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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cough Update, Eating Chart, New White Vest Hoses, New Softgel Vitamin

Lil' Chris is still coughing;-( There are only 3 days left of his Omnicef antibiotic!! AHHHHH!!! So frustrating!! I just want his cough GONE!! We've still been doing extra Vest times too...that means he's been doing either 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours each day of his Vest!! Poor kid:( Today Ayla wanted to try his Vest:) She put it on and was so proud to be wearing it, it was so cute!! She kept saying she wanted to sit with Cas(Chris) :) She kept going "AHHHHHHHHHH" to make her voice sound all shaky:) LOL

If you didn't notice in my blurry picture above(sorry about that, but she was shaking, LOL;), we got white hoses for the Vest now! The old blue ones kept unraveling and I had to keep ordering new ones ALL the time! These white ones really seem to be MUCH better!! We haven't had any problems with them yet and we've had them for a few weeks now!! So if you are having trouble with the blue hoses too, just call the Hill Rom Vest company and ask them to send you the white ones. They told me that they are always working on improving the Vest, and that they were getting lots of complaints about the blue hoses.

On a good note...he has been eating more and trying new things!! YEA FINALLY!!! The other day he ate 3 plate fulls of fettuccine alfredo!! I know....WOW, right?! Lately he has been eating 5 whole chicken nuggets anytime we go to McDonald's too...who knew a lil' bbq sauce was all he needed;-) LOL!! Guess what???? Tonight he actually ate some of my Baked Ziti!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! I distracted him by showing him Disney pics of his cousins who are at Disney World right now;) I'm so tricky, but hey....whatever works, right???? :) LOL

My wonderful hubby made an eating chart tonight for Lil' Chris!! YEA!!! Hopefully this will encourage him to eat more. He will get a sticker to put on the chart for each meal that he eats. Then at the end of the day if he has all 3 stickers, he will get to pick a prize!! :) His teacher at school uses this technique for good behavior and it seems to work, plus we used it when we potty trained him and it worked, so why not try it with eating?!?

At his last CF clinic visit, they gave us a bottle of SourceCF softgels to try instead of the chewable Vitamax. He was getting pretty tired of taking the chewable and it was a fight to get him to take it everyday. I wasn't sure if he would or could take the softgels since they are HUGE, but he took them like a champ!! I was so proud of him!! He's been taking them everyday since his last visit and he is VERY glad not to have to take the grape or cherry chewable Vitamax! When I tried to order the SourceCF softgels, they said that our insurance doesn't cover it and neither does BCMH. So I called and found out that a different softgel (Aquadek, I think it's called) which does the same thing is covered under BCMH, so I called the CF clinic and got the prescription changed and they are on their way! I hope he takes to them as well as he did the SourceCF ones:)

I'll keep you posted on his cough, eating chart, and the new softgels. Thanks for the continued prayers and keep 'em comin!! :)


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