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Friday, May 18, 2012

"Change for CF" Results and Party

Today Lil' Chris' preschool had a pizza party for all the money they raised for A Cure 4 Lil' Chris and all who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis! It was an honor to join them in their pizza party and watch his friends celebrate in raising $173.57 to help find a CURE for CF!!! I loved watching Lil' Chris give his goody bags to his friends too as a thank you:) Ayla had fun at the party, she just joined right in:) LOL

Being protective of his lil' sis who joined their line:)

Being silly picking up Ayla

Pizza Party Time!!

He's the one who needs the calories the most, and he ate the least amount of pizza out of all the kids! LOL

He did eat his pretzels though :)

WOW!! LOOK AT ALL THAT CHANGE FOR CF!!! The kids did a GREAT JOB raising so much money for CF!!

Group pic with all the change that they raised!!

Goody bag for the kids as a THANK YOU!!

Lil' Chris passing out the goody bags to his friends:)
Ms. Carrie made this and sent it to all the kids to start the fundraising:) She did a GREAT JOB!! I love the pic of Lil' Chris! It's neat to see how much he has grown since the beginning of the school year:)

She also sent this home with the kids to get them to come to our walk on June 9th at 9am behind Ida Sue School!! One parent told me today that she signed up to be a team leader in honor of her friend in PA who has CF! What a GREAT way to support her friend and Lil' Chris!! WE LOVE YOU MS. CARRIE!!!
 BIG THANK YOU to Ms. Carrie for setting up the "Change for CF" fundraiser and for inviting them to our walk, and BIG THANK YOU to ALL Lil' Chris' Preschool friends for bringing in change for CF!! We appreciate it soooo much!!! THANK YOU!!!!
PS. Lil' Chris has been doing great, no cough!! YEA!!! CF Clinic visit update coming soon!

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