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Monday, November 5, 2012

1st TOBI Treatment Went GREAT!!

Lil' Chris did GREAT with his first TOBI treatment!! I couldn't have been more proud of him! TOBI is something that I have been dreading for years and all he did was giggle through the whole treatment almost:) LOL Once I figure out how to post video's and pics on here from my iPhone, you'll see what I mean;) I'll post it on fb for now.

He surprisingly didn't say anything about the taste! I did get some good feedback from some fellow CF mommas to have him rinse out his mouth afterwards or to suck on some jolly ranchers or something during treatment to decrease the metal tasting. I could smell it even! It created a lot more mist in the air than I thought it would, def more than the Pulmozyme. It didn't seem to take as long as I thought it would either. I wonder if it's b/c we have a very powerful air compressor. We have the Invacare Moblair 50psi. I think it took like 10 minutes, not too bad. I heard it would be 15-20 min.

In my research, I found a really good site that I thought I would share with everyone...http://www.tobitime.com/index.jsp I esp like the video part(Taking TOBI) that shows you exactly how to administer and clean the nebulizer. Very informative!

I'll be calling the CF clinic tomorrow to get all the details.

Well, I gotta get to bed, 4am is going to come pretty quick! I just wanted to update how his first treatment with TOBI went:)

Thanks for the prayers,

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