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Monday, December 10, 2012

CF Update / Ayla has a cough:(

Lil' Chris is still doing great! No cough! His nose is a lil' stuffy, but NO COUGH!! YEA!! 

Ayla, on the other hand, has a HORRIBLE cough right now:( She is on Azithromycin and the dr gave her a ProAir puffer like Lil' Chris for an as needed basis. So far, she hasn't needed it. She had a fever there for a couple of days, but seems to be getting back to herself now...other than the cough not going away:

Please pray that Lil' Chris doesn't catch her cough, and that Ayla's cough goes away soon!!! He goes for another throat culture one week from today to see if the Pseudomonas is still there. Pray that it's not!!

I really like how we switched his Pulmozyme neb to nighttime! It makes the morning go by soooo much easier, esp before school!!!! But I'm glad we originally started it in the morning, b/c it made doing the TOBI in the morning not so bad, b/c we were already used to doing a neb in the morning:)

Hope you are all doing well!! Thanks for all the prayers!!
PS. My toe is almost completely healed!! Thank God I had that surgery/procedure, b/c I got like instant relief!! That was the most painful thing ever!! Taught me a lesson though...never get distracted while cutting your toenails and slip and cut too far on the corner! Even though I could see the corner of the nail, the dr said that somehow some part of the nail was puncturing my skin, which was causing the discomfort. I pray it never does that again!! Best part is, you can't even tell I had the surgery!! :)

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