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Friday, December 14, 2012

CF Update / Ayla's still coughing :(

Lil' Chris is still doing VERY well!! NO COUGH STILL!!! WOOHOO!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS!!! KEEP THEM COMING!!! I've even gotten him to eat a little bit more!! It helps that I have all their Christmas presents bought and wrapped, so I can bride him to eat more. It's worked so far... he ate 7 chicken nuggets one day, and he ate a small bowl of mac n cheese another day just so he could get a present afterwards!! He NEVER would've touched the mac n cheese if he wasn't going to get a present for doing it;-) LOL Plus, I don't mind giving them early gifts anyways, b/c that way they get played with more, since Christmas day is a little overwhelming with a TON of presents...if you know what I mean:) lol

Ayla still has a nasty cough:( I took her back to the dr's yesterday, b/c she finished the 5 days of Azithromycin and still had a nasty cough. The dr put her on another antibiotic, Augmentin. She doesn't like the taste, but she has to take 5ml 2x a day for 10 days. Praying this will kick her cough out! The dr probably wouldn't have put her on anything, but b/c of the risk of Lil' Chris catching her cough, she decided to go this route. The Azithromycin is supposed to keep working like 5 days after you get done taking it, so hopefully with the combo of these 2 antibiotics, she will get better. The dr. also wants to see if the combination of the Albuterol puffer and the Augmentin will work well together, so she is doing the puffer in the am and pm and when needed. Ayla has a PURPLE spacer/chamber for her puffer:) She likes that! When I gave it to her last night for the first time, she said "Now Chris and I can do our medicine at the same time!" Too cute:)

We are very close to 40,000 hits on this blog!! WOOHOO!!! Can we hit 40,000 by the end of 2012??? Pass this blog along to your friends and family!! We could always use the extra prayers;)

Thanks, and I'll let you know how his dr appt goes on Monday. Praying for NO PSEUDOMONAS!!!
PS. Lil' Chris had a bad night last week. We think it was from some cheese curls he had. The bag didn't say it had Soy Protein, but he was throwing up all night like he normally does when he has Soy Protein:( He missed school that next day, but has been fine since thankfully. 

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Sharon Edwards said...

I will keep Chris in my prayers. I have a little one with CF, too.