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Monday, December 3, 2012

TOBI is All Done / CF Fundraiser!!

WOOHOO!!! TOBI ended yesterday!!! When Lil' Chris did his Vest this morning, it was so weird not doing any breathing treatments with it!! That's the first time in 28 days, which seems like we've done it from day one! LOL

HE didn't even notice, but inside I was super excited!! I even got to set my alarm a little bit later, which was soooo nice with all the crazy hours I've been working lately!

Some parents have a little celebration when their kids finish TOBI, but I didn't do that with Lil' Chris. I just didn't want to bring any attention to it, since he did so well with it. I feel like if I celebrate it being done, then the next time he has to do it, he might not want to. IDK.

The one I really wanted to celebrate being done was the Cipro!! That was a pain him not being able to have any dairy products 2 hours before or after the pills! He didn't like that either, but he understood and cooperated. He really is such a good kid!!!!!!!! Except....he DID hide 5 of his Cipro pills under the toy box in the living room!

My husband found them when he went to put up the Christmas tree. My husband yelled at him and then when I got home from work, I yelled at him too. I know he only did it b/c he didn't like the chalkiness of the pill. He's used to the capsule type from his enzymes and Prevacid, or the gel tab type from his Aquadek vitamin pill. BUT, I couldn't let him go on thinking that doing stuff like that is okay. After I yelled at him, I gave him a hug and then explained to him how important it is that he does EXACTLY what the doctors tell him to do. It's only for his own good and to help him get better or not get any worse. He seemed to understand, and took the 5 pills fine over the next few days.

I tried to tell him to put it UNDER his tongue like I do with my chalky lactaid pills, but he kept saying "Then how do I swallow them?" I tried telling him that when he takes a drink, they will float to the top and go down easy and they never touch the tongue and he never has to "taste" them. He couldn't understand how they would float with the liquid, so he continued to make us put the pill on the back of his tongue...practically gagging on it...and then he would swallow it. He never tried it my way, but I don't care as long as he takes them and doesn't hide them again!!

I called the CF clinic and we go back on the 17th to get another culture done to see if the Pseudomonas is gone or not. It will just be a culture visit, but if he starts a cough before then, he will be seen by his dr. Please pray that the TOBI and Cipro worked so that he doesn't have to do them again in 28 days!! As of right now...NO COUGH!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!

Also, please pray for our dear friend Stacy A. She has Bronchiectasis, which is like the sister disease to CF...the same lung issues, but with no digestive issues. She was just admitted to the hospital and just got an IV and may have to get a PICC tomorrow. Please pray she gets well soon so she can get her PFT's back up where they belong so she won't be so short of breath, and so she can return to work. We miss her at Kohl's!! WE LOVE YOU STACY!!! STAY STRONG AND GET WELL SOON!!!

The CF fundraiser the other day went GREAT!! It was so much fun!! BIG THANK YOU to Carrie G for suggesting CF be the cause!! And BIG THANK YOU to each of the 6 different parties for doing a raffle for CF!! And BIG THANK YOU to Deborah for letting us do it at her Garden Market for free!! And BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported CF(It was great getting to talk to Mary, Daniel's mom)!! And one more BIG THANK YOU to my fellow Kohl's associates (Kim S, Roberta, Jolleen, and Cheyenne) for volunteering to do the event to get the $500 for a CURE for CF!! WOOHOO!! I believe that makes $5,000 raised for CF this year alone from Kohl's!!! Gotta love Kohl's...especially this holiday season as they are giving away one FREE purchases EVERY DAY at EVERY STORE and ONLINE from now til Christmas Eve!!! I LOVE working for a company who helps the community out as much as Kohl's does, esp when they let me give away the free purchase...BEST FEELING EVER!!! BIGGEST THANK YOU TO KOHL'S!!!
PS. We got our Christmas pics taken tonight, so be on the look out for them over the next couple weeks!!! They all turned out soooooo cute!!! If you would like a Christmas card, let me know!! I know Lil' Chris likes getting pics of other CF kids too:)

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