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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CF Update

Lil' Chris is doing very well on the TOBI and Cipro!! Praise the Lord!! He has no cough at all...not even a TOBI cough yet! Please continue to pray that these meds work to get rid of the Pseudomonas.

Alya's sore throat is all better! YEA!! Unfortunately my husband's nose has been running, so praying that the kids and I don't catch his cold and that it's just allergies or something.

Please pray for Tricia, adult CFer, who has had a rough time lately. Also pray for little Aubrey who has caught the bug going around.

I can't believe Ayla's 4th birthday is on Tuesday!!! Where has the time gone?!? I let her pick our her cake today. She chose Tangled. We have been watching that movie a lot lately;) She doesn't even have any Tangled toys and that's not what I got her for her birthday, but that's what she wanted for her cake:) LOL!!


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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about introducing garlic into his diet (supplement or raw form since cooking kills the antiviral/antibacterial component). I added garlic over a year ago and it has made my psuedo counts drop super low. I've also not cultured MRSA in over a year thanks to garlic. I do not use cayston, tobi, or any inhaled antibiotics. I am also not on zithromax.