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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I can't believe we had our first snowfall today!! It was so pretty looking out the window and seeing these huge flakes falling down from the heavens! WE LOVE SNOW...except when we going sledding down the big hill in our backyard and pop out our shoulder...right honey??? Hopefully that won't ever happen again!!

Here are some pics I took this morning...it was fun while it lasted, but it was pretty much all gone by noon:( But it sure was beautiful while it lasted!!

Here is a video of the beautiful snowfall. We hope it brings a little light to your day like it did to ours=)


Aunt D. said...

I'm glad you posted the pics & video! I was just thinking how much the kids would have loved seeing it if we were still up north. =)

The Liberto Family said...

Here in North Dallas we are lucky if we get snow like that. I know where you are you get more than that. It got in the 30's here, but warmed up to the high 60's.