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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'09 Great Strides Results/Research for a CURE/Become a CF Advocate

I got word from Erica that our 1st annual Great Strides Walk in our town this past June raised $7,400!!! Not bad for our first year. Our goal was originally $5,000, but we upped it to $10,000. We didn't quite make it this year, but hopefully next year we will. Lil' Chris' team raised $4,440!!! Woo Hoo!!! We more than doubled what we raised last year!!! YEA!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO DONATED IN HONOR OF LIL' CHRIS! WE GREATLY APPRECIATE EVERY CENT!! There are over 30 drugs in the pipeline right now and 2 are really close to being released. Hopefully one of these will be the CURE!!

Here is an email about the progress of research for a CURE...

Dear Lil' Chris' Mom,

Every year, we commit millions of dollars to CF research and the search for a cure. With your support, CF Foundation-sponsored scientists continue to break new ground.

Our biotech collaborator
PTC Pharmaceuticals just announced their potential CF drug ataluren, which has shown promising results in earlier clinical trials, has moved into Phase 3 testing.

CF patients who took ataluren (formerly PTC 124) in Phase 2 clinical trials showed improved lung function and decreased cough. The results suggest the drug improves the function of the faulty CFTR protein in people with CF – the underlying cause of the disease. Phase 3 trials will further evaluate the effectiveness and long-term safety of this potential therapy.

Your contributions allow us to invest in high impact research that is bringing us closer to a cure.

If you have CF, you can help by participating in the clinical trial. Visit the Foundation’s Web site to learn about this study and find out how to get involved.
Thank you for your commitment to the fight against CF. Together, we are making a difference!

Robert J. Beall, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Thanks again everyone for donating. As you can see, your money is being put to good use. One other way that you can help that doesn't cost anything but a few minutes of your time is.....to become a "CF Advocate"! Click here and then click "Sign Up" to receive the CF advocacy Newsletter and Alerts, and then click on "Take Action Now". Then under US Congress, click on: Action for October: Ask your Senator to support expended access to clinical trials, fill in the blanks and hit SEND.Your Senators and House members for your state will receive your email and will know that they need your support and that you need them to TAKE ACTION NOW in Washington. Please feel free to add a little story about Lil' Chris, but you don't have to. The words are already there for you. You just have to send it to get the awareness out there to those who can make a difference in the CF community. **Please try to never write or say CF~ always use Cystic Fibrosis as some may not be aware of what CF is.**

I have recently become a Network Advocate for CF and I am LOVING the difference I am making with my emails to our Senators. I got a GREAT response the other day from Senator Sherrod Brown saying that he is going to be a co-sponsor...

Dear M:

Thank you for getting in touch with me about access to clinical trials.

I agree that individuals with rare diseases should not be denied eligibility for the Supplemental Security (SSI) program based on the stipend they receive for participating in a clinical trial. Our nation should be encouraging greater participation in these trials, not penalizing those who participate.

Senator Wyden has introduced legislation to exclude rare disease clinical trial stipends from SSI income calculations. His bill, the Improving Access to Clinical Trials Act (S. 1674), was introduced in the Senate on September 15, 2009 and referred to the Committee on Finance. I am proud to be a co-sponsor of this important legislation.

Thanks again for getting in touch with me on this issue.


Sherrod Brown
United States Senator

You can make a difference too! Become a CF advocate today!!


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Oma & Opa said...

Job WELL Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I keep praying for that cure.
Love you all so much. Hugs & kisses