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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ayla has 2 more teeth!!

Ayla now has 4 teeth...well, the 2 on top are still coming in but are sooooo cute;)

She is getting into all her big brothers toys now and she is getting UNDER some of them...the slide;-)

We've raised $130 in the first 3 weeks of doing Jeans 4 Genes at work!! Everybody at work has always been so supportive of Lil' Chris. We greatly appreciate everything!! 14 more weeks to go!!

Lil' Chris' cold is getting much better!! His nose isn't running nearly as much as it was, thank God! He was quit cranky today, but who wouldn't be after not getting much sleep for 2 days. Last night he did sleep through the whole night though...Mommy was VERY grateful;-) His cough has gotten a little bit worse unfortunately:( Needless to say...he is doing more Vest treatments to help break up that mucus in his lungs. Hopefully he won't need an antibiotic, but I have a feeling he might need one if it doesn't clear up in a couple of days:(

I'll keep you posted. Please pray that the rest of us don't get sick too.
BTW.........remember that diet blog that I started back in April??? Welllllllll........I've lost 35 pounds!!!!! YEA!!!! I'll post another "after" pic soon;-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah for new teeth! It's time for some french fries! ☺ Glad to hear Lil' Chris is getting a little better! Hope things keep going in the right direction, and you both get sleep again tonight

Auntie Steph said...

hugs & kisses Ayla!
Love the pictures, she looks so ornery :)
It's great to hear about how supportive your work/co-workers are! Keep up the good job!
Congrats on the weight loss!!!! Way to go!

Oma & Opa said...

Ayla is getting so big! She looks like Lil Chris. It's great when little ones get into their siblings things, keeps life interesting. LOL Glad Lil Chris is feeling somewhat better.
Give my grandkids lots of hugs & kisses for me.
Love to you all
PS Did you get the check we sent for Lil Chris?