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Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Things The Kids Are Doing:)

Since no one guessed what new things the kids are doing....lol...here it goes....

Lil' Chris has been peeing standing up the last couple of weeks!!! YEA!!! He is doing a GREAT job for his age, I think:) Lately he has been having accidents only when he naps, is doing his Vest, or when he is eating in his high chair. Not sure why??? We are working on it though. He doesn't do it every time, just sometimes. He usually never has any accidents while he is playing or watching TV. The other day he woke up from his nap dry!! That's a good sign!! The only problem is that he is only learning when he takes a nap when I am home. My hubby still puts him in a pull-up and we have the sitter put him in a pull-up so she doesn't have to clean up the mess. He'll get there eventually. I gotta say...it has been sooooo nice saving money on all those diapers!! Having 2 kids in diapers was rough! I can't believe they are like $42 a box now!! Crazy!

Lil' Chris can also catch a ball now!! Daddy did a great job teaching him. He caught 8 in a row for me the other day! What a kid:)

He also started bossing around Ayla...I didn't think this started so young!! LOL If she grabs a toy of his or something that she is not allowed to have, he says "No Ayla!" and takes it from her. He is so cute:) He is such a good big brother...he gives her toys that she can play with and he helps mommy out by taking the small toys away from her so she won't choke. The only problem now is that he keeps giving his food to her. He sees us giving her food, so he thinks he can too:)

Guess what word Lil' Chris picked up..."crap"...I don't know where he got that from;0 Ok, it was me;( It's cute hearing him say it every time he drops something. LOL

I got him to finally eat some Mac n Cheese the other day!! I tried it again and he wouldn't eat it:( I'll keep trying. We had a dietitian come to our house to help us to get him to eat more foods. Hopefully it helps. He was drinking the Resource Breeze Orange juice(250 calories), but now he won't touch them. Weird. Sometimes he will drink a Scandishake(600 calories). We are still working on getting him used to them so he can get extra calories.

Ayla can now clap her hands! YEA!! It's so cute. I tried to get it on camera, but no luck. Someday I'll get it:) She is now eating more foods. She loves pretty much everything!! Whatever Lil' Chris doesn't finish eating, we give it to her. Sometimes this trick will make him want to eat more;-) Smart huh?! lol

I finally dug out the bouncy seat for Ayla. She LOVED it! She isn't bouncing yet, but she loves to swing in it! Lil' Chris LOVES to push her;-)

Ayla is rolling around more and more everyday! One minute she's here, the next minute she's way over there!! Too funny:)

Guess what??? Ayla has another tooth coming through! This one is the top front left tooth. The right one is about to come through any day now:) I can't wait, b/c I love it when babies only have the front 4 teeth;-) lol

Enjoy the video...
PS. Coming soon...Birthday and Dedication pics;-)


Aunt D. said...

So cute M!!! That little bouncy seat is still going strong huh? =) I remember watching Eva & Rafe the first time they were in it...time sure flies! Kisses & hugs to the kiddies! Can't wait to see Ayla clapping her hands!

Oma & Opa said...

Love it! You almost got Ayla clapping. The baby Steph watches is around the same age as Ayla and she had cut both top teeth but no bottoms. Give my grandkids hugs & kisses for me. Miss & love you all so much.