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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ayla is 9 1/2 months/Halloween Pics:)

Guess what Ayla is doing now??? (Steph, don't let Tyler watch this video...Ayla had to make sure his Christmas present works;-) LOL

Ayla is now going from lay down position to sit up position all by herself!! I went to go get her out of her crib the other day and there she was....sitting up(we lowered her crib since then;)!! What a big girl she is becoming! Now a day or 2 later and she is sitting up all the time while playing on the floor! She catches on quick;) Tonight she was even trying to pull herself up on one of Lil' Chris' big toys! It won't be long now before she is standing ... and then walking!! YIKES!!! She still isn't crawling on all 4's, she rolls to where she wants to go and then sits up...too funny:) She sure is getting into everything though!! Tonight I caught her playing under the kitchen table trying to pull down my laptop off the table!! It was so cute I had to take some pics;) Now that she is getting into stuff that she shouldn't be, I have to tell her "no" more and have to move her away from it. It's funny, b/c Lil' Chris is copying me:) If he sees her doing something wrong, he says "No Ayla, no!" and then sometimes he drags her away. You can see in the pics that he is dragging her out from under the table;-) Too funny!!

So I can't believe my baby girl in 9 1/2 months already!! Her personality is really starting to show:) (BTW so are her 4 lil' teeth;-) She is definitely different from her big brother! She knows what she wants and goes after it! She lets you know if she doesn't want something...like her bottle! When she is done drinking, she pushes it away and WILL NOT let you put it back in her mouth!! And if she doesn't want to go down for a nap...she definitely lets you know! All that said, she is a pretty good kiddo though:) She loves to get hugs and kisses, loves to play with all the toys(including her bothers potty...gross;), loves to sleep from 7pm-7 or 8am, loves her babysitters, loves to shake her head no when you say "No" to her, loves to suck on her pointer finger when she is sleepy, and could play in her crib for hours just like her big brother;-) Oh yeah, and she LOVES to EAT!!! She has not pushed away any food that I have tried to give her, other than her bottle of course;-) She loves food way more than her bottle! So opposite from Lil' Chris at this age. I wish he would have eaten solid foods at this age, what am I saying...I wish he would eat them NOW! He is such a picky eater compared to his lil' sister. Maybe watching her eat will help him to eat more...keep your fingers crossed;-0

Ayla loves sippy cups...especially her brothers, which she seems to always find;-) We have to take Ayla out of the living room when Lil' Chris is doing his Vest, b/c we usually give him a snack and a sippy cup. If she's in there, she gravitates to the food very quickly and eats it all! She'll even grab his cup and drink his yogurt! Now you know why we made her Piglet for Halloween;-) LOL Speaking of Halloween....here are the Halloween pics...

All in all, Ayla is a very healthy, happy lil' baby girl and we couldn't be happier that she is in our lives!! I love to see her beautiful smile everyday:) Her and Lil' Chris just brighten my world! I couldn't imagine life without them!

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Oma & Opa said...

Love the videos..would you send me the header pic of Chris with Ayla & Lil Chris. I can't download it or the second video.
Can't wait to see you all again and hold my grandkids!
Sending lots of hugs & kisses to everyone.
Lovin & missin you all