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Sunday, November 1, 2009

H1N1 Shot/Ayla's Cough Question

On Friday we got a call from our pediatricians office saying that they got a batch of the H1N1 flu shot in and that we were one of the first ones on the list b/c Lil' Chris has Cystic Fibrosis and is at high risk. We must have been one of the first people they called, b/c they said we could pick whatever time we wanted to come in on Saturday. So we opted to go at 10am. Boy was it busy in there!!! Of course Lil' Chris and my husband stayed out in the hallway away from all the germs while I waited with Ayla in the waiting room. I was expecting a long wait b/c they were so busy, but it wasn't long at all! Once we got in the room, she asked us some questions and then was ready to give them the H1N1 shots and be done, but I asked if we could do both the seasonal and H1N1 so we wouldn't have to come back. I explained to her that we take a risk every time we come to the doctors with Lil' Chris. She understood and went and asked our doctor to see if it was okay. She came back a few minutes later and wam bam, they both got one shot in each leg and we were out of there! I was so surprised at to how quick it was!! I sure was glad though:)

We didn't get to see the doctor, so I didn't get to ask about Ayla. She has been coughing the last couple of days. I almost feel like a first time mom with her sometimes, b/c I am so used to raising a kid with Cystic Fibrosis who can't take any cold or cough medicines. Does anybody know what I can do and can't do for a 9 month old's cough???

This morning was a rough morning for Lil' Chris. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed I guess. He screamed and cried through 27 minutes of his Vest treatment this morning and then I changed the show that he was watching and presto the tears stopped! Now why didn't he just tell me he wanted to watch the Fresh Beat Band??? Oh well. The weird thing is that afterwards he asked to go to bed.....I said, "It's only 9:30am, are you sure??" He said yes and I put him down and haven't heard a word. I guess all that crying wore him out...or maybe it was from the shot yesterday????? IDK Hopefully he wakes up in a better mood.

We had a BLAST trick or treating on Friday....pics and video coming soon:)


Groettum Family said...

The have a Vicks baby bath you can use, you just pour some into the tub, it works wonders...also, have you tried putting a humidifier in her room? Glad you got the H1N1 shots, Gav got his last week too :)

CFMama said...

I have not been able to locate the H1N1 shot in my area yet...but am still searching.

I was also going to suggest Vicks baby bath...poor baby.

Oma & Opa said...

I hope Ayla is feeling better real soon. I got my regular flu shot the beginning of Oct and got the H1N1 shot Friday. There is no way that he would get the swine flu or regular flu from the shots since they use dead viruses. The only way someone would get either is if they have come in contact with the virus before getting the shot. I know that Friday night and into Sat my arm hurt where I got the shot. Maybe that's what was wrong with Lil Chris. Tell CF Mama to contact her county health department. They should be able to tell her where to go for the shots.
Give my grandkids lots of hugs & kisses for me.
Love to you all

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