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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas 2010 Montage/Update/Pray for Eva M.

Sorry I haven't posted in a little while:( We have been having a blast! My sis-in-law and her family and my MIL and FIL all came to visit last Thursday and then left on Monday. My MIL is staying until the 27th to babysit for us since our babysitter went on a missions trip and our other babysitter is moving on the 26th. So...


So, since I'm busy entertaining over the next couple of weeks...I thought I would post some pics that I haven't had a chance to post yet. Here is our Christmas 2010 montage...I like the video of Lil' Chris with the red tray we got him. He couldn't figure out what to do with it;-) Also, it's funny at the end when he made the motorcycle go all by himself:) THANK YOU OMA AND OPA FOR THE AWESOME MOTORCYCLE!!

Just for a quick update...

1. Lil' Chris has been coughing a lil' today...hopefully it goes away on it's own real quick! Please say a prayer for him.

2. Ayla's other tooth started coming in next to her right front tooth, and her molars are coming through!!! No wonder she has been fussy a little lately.

3. The last couple of weeks, Ayla has been standing on her own!!!

4. She can now push her little baby stroller all by herself!!!

5. She has also taken a step!!! YEA!!! :)

Now for some CF stuff... Please pray for Eva Markvoort. She is an adult CFer who desperately needs a second double lung transplant. She is in her last days unless a donor becomes available. Here is a video of her saying "goodbye"...some CFers or CF parents may not want to watch this...

Please Please Please become a donor today!!! So many lives depend on it!! Spread the word and you could save Eva's life, Lil' Chris' life, or any CFers life! A double lung transplant is a CFers last resort and it could add another 5-10 years onto their life if not more!

I'll post some old pics that I forgot about soon...like Ayla's dedication pics and Lil' Chris' birthday pics:)

I hope you have a GREAT day!!


PS. Please keep Eva in your prayers.

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Somer Love said...

Hope Chris is feeling better and that his cough went away.

Yay for all the visitors! Nothing better then time pent with family and friends