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Saturday, February 27, 2010

CiCi's Pizza Fundraiser Results

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes a few days ago:) Unfortunately I woke up with a cold on my birthday:( Ughhhh! Ayla ended up getting it on the 25th and today Lil' Chris' nose has been running;( I wore my hospital mask around him, but he probably got it from Ayla. It's hard to keep them 2 apart;) Oh well, he can't go forever without getting a cold. He has done so well this winter! This is his first cold in a long time, so I can't complain. He still has a dry cough every now and then. It mainly shows up when he is crying...not sure if he is making himself do it though, so he doesn't have to do what he is asked to do or so he doesn't get in trouble for doing something bad...if you know what I mean;-) lol I'm keeping my eye on him though. Our next clinic appt is on March 31st.

On the 25th, I had another fundraiser at CiCi's Pizza from 4pm-8pm and it was a huge success!! I was able to get the 4 other Kohl's associates, so that means we will get the $500 grant from Kohl's! YEA!! Plus we got $150 in tips, donations, and raffle money!! It was pretty busy, even though it was snowing and the wind was just whipping around out there. I won't find out what we raised in the 10% of every ones bills for another couple of weeks. I'm guessing it's around $100. So if it is $100, then that brings the total to $750!! YEA!! I think I probably could have raised more, but I was sooooo sick that night. My nose just kept running and running. Luckily I have my clip on sanitizer;) It definitely came in handy that night! I tried to keep what I said to the customers short so my nose wouldn't run in front of them. Sad isn't it? But I would do it again for my Lil' Chris;-) He's worth it all!!

Our next fundraiser is on Tues March 9th all day long at Tumbleweed Restaurant. They will donate 10% of your bill IF you present the fundraiser coupon. Hopefully this time it won't be a blizzard like last time on Feb 9th! We only raised $8.80 that time. Which basically was just from my husband and I eating lunch and dinner and dessert there. Chris convinced the guy who worked with him that night to eat there too, so that was cool:) Plus when I went there to pick up my lunch, I gave a coupon to a table that had 3 customers;) Tumbleweed will never know;-) lol That is unless they read this blog;-) LOL :) Oh well, we got 2 feet of snow that day!!

Our next CiCi's fundraiser is on Thurs March 25th from 4pm-8pm. Come join us in the fun! We will be raffling off a basket full of Bath and Body Works products thanks to Stacy A. and Amy P. :) Thanks again girls!! The customer who won the basket the other night was Tina!! Congrats Tina!! Luckily she was coming to Kohl's the next day, so she just picked up her prize there;) It's so nice that Kohl's and CiCi's are right next to each other:)

So I didn't get anyone to donate $5 on my birthday, but Wayne Savings Community Bank donated $125 and is now my first "Single Rose Sponsor"!!! YEA!! Plus they are going to do Jeans 4 Genes too!! YEA!! I'm so excited!! Thank you Jeanette for spreading the word about Cystic Fibrosis and for getting the sponsorship!! You're AWESOME!! Tell your co-workers I said "Thank You for doing the Jeans 4 Genes for CF!!" Getting this news on my birthday just made my day:)

Also, "Thank You to Barb N." from work for your online donation!!! Thanks for always supporting Lil' Chris:) You're the best!!

My new total that I have raised that is showing up on my Great Strides page right now, is $1890.99!! Then if we add the $8.80 and the $750, that gives us $2649.79!! YEA!! My overall goal is $5000, so we are half way there;-) YEA!! 4 fundraisers down, 4 more to go!! I can't wait for our walk on May 1st!!

Lastly, Oma(my MIL) left today;( She was here for 2 weeks and it was GREAT!! She definitely spoiled me...I didn't have to touch the dishes, the laundry, the cooking, or the kids;) LOL
I hope you all have a GREAT day!!
PS. Pics to come of our time with Oma!!

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Oma & Opa said...

I had a GREAT time & especially loved singing with Ayla & Lil Chris before laying them down to sleep. I hated leaving. My good-byes to the kids on Friday night were so hard and I did ok Saturday until I said good-bye to Chris at the airport. Don't forget to sing "Jesus Loves Me", "I Love You a Bushel & a Peck", "I Love You Christopher/Ayla, Oh Yes I Do", & "You Are My Sunshine" to them before they go to sleep.
I love you all so much! Lots of hugs & kisses!!