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Saturday, June 19, 2010

3rd Annual CF Clinic Visit 6/16/10 and 1st Boo Boo;(

Sorry for not updating sooner about his clinic visit, but this is what I have been dealing with...

His first real boo boo;-( He fell in our driveway while running and scraped his elbow and knee;( Ever since then, he hasn't wanted me to leave his side...poor kid. So that's why I haven't been able to finish my montage and post, sorry and sorry the video is kinda long too...I didn't have time to edit it too much;)

CF Clinic appointment the other day went great!! His weight wasn't the greatest, but everything else went great!! His weight was 33.2, only went up 2 ounces in the last 3 months. His height was 38 1/2!! WOW!! Last time I have that it was 37 3/4, but they said that he grew 2cm...maybe I got it wrong last time...IDK. His BMI went down from 55% to only 15%;( They said it was b/c he grew taller, but didn't gain a lot of weight. They tried telling him that he needs to eat more and try new things, so we are working on that. I keep telling him..."The doctor's said you need to try different foods..." So far, he ate 3/4 of one chicken nugget 2 days in a row, and the other day he ate some of my taco pizza from Taco Bell!! That was BIG for him, b/c right now, his diet consists of: Cereal with whole milk, pop tarts, cheese(loves the Mickey Mouse cheese;), yogurts(loves the Danimals;), chocolate scandishakes(600 calories), water or apple juice, hot dogs, sometimes some lunch meat and cheese, chips(all kinds;), cheese curls, fruit snacks, bananas, apples, cheese whiz and crackers(I make letters on the crackers with the cheese;). That's about it though!! He won't eat any pasta, bread, meat, or veggies. Hopefully he grows out of this stage REAL soon!!

Lil' Chris did such a GREAT JOB all day long!! He wore his mask from the car to our room and back...that's including every time we were in any hallways and when we were in the lab and getting chest x-rays. Such a BIG boy!! We were there for FIVE LONG HOURS, but he didn't cry at all!! He didn't cry when he got his throat culture or even when he got his blood work done!! He wanted to sit for the first time and he even opened his mouth when she asked him to! I couldn't believe it!! He didn't even flinch with the blood work!! That's my boy;-) lol I didn't go with him to get his chest x-rays, but my hubby said that he did good, but fussed a little bit about laying down.

We met his new CF doctor now that Dr. K moved away. Dr. T is super nice! Lil' Chris seemed to really like her too:) YEA!!!

Afterwards, we went to CiCi's Pizza to eat and then went home and had some fun with one of his birthday presents;) It was a pretty cool Wigglin Water Sprinkler;) It had lots of lil' wiggling sprayers that went everywhere! He had a BLAST!! I loved hearing his lil' laugh and seeing his big smile:) It was so much fun!!

Here is a glimpse into what he goes through every year....(be prepared to be AMAZED as to how well he sits still for everything at only 3 years old;)....

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Oma & Opa said...

Maybe Chris will grow up to be a doctor, who knows, he seems to be more interested in what the nurses, techs & dr are doing. A doctor in the family would be nice.
Give my precious grandkids lots of hugs & kisses for me.
Love you all