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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ayla...My Lil' Monkey;)

You'll never guess what Ayla did the other day...the little monkey:)

The other morning, I woke up early, so I came down to catch up on some Y&R. As I was watching TV, I heard a noise. It sounded like drawers opening and closing. I knew my husband wouldn't be awake yet, so I went upstairs and stormed into Lil' Chris' room thinking that he got out of bed and was going through his drawers....or worse...trying to CLIMB his dresser again! To my surprise, he was fast asleep!! I thought...Hmmmm, either he heard me and was quick and got into bed and was pretending to sleep, or....well, I could think of anything else that it would be???? lol

So, I went back downstairs and starting watching my shows again, and then I heard the noise AGAIN! I thought...I'm gonna sneak up there and catch him this time;) As I got to the top of the steps, I was just about to go into his room when I had a thought...maybe it wasn't him...maybe it was Ayla???? I peeked into her room and this is what I found....(the lil' stinker;)....

Her brother used to be in that same room with his furniture set up the same way and he did the same exact thing!! Too funny:)

Anyway, I told my husband that he needed to lower her crib since she was reaching over pretty far, plus she could get her fingers caught in the drawer. Well.....the short of the story is...it never got done and she ended up flipping out of the crib. Poor kid. She didn't get hurt, thank God! But guess what?? The bed got lowered after that;) LOL
PS. Lil' Chris' birthday pics coming soon:) Also, thank you everyone for your continued support for Lil' Chris!! We recently reached 20,000 hits on this blog:) YEA:) Not bad for a little over 2 years;)


Oma & Opa said...

Too funny...I knew it was only a matter of time before she was climbing out but I did not expect her to "flip" out! She is soooo stinkin' cute and her laugh...precious!! Hard to get upset at that face!!!! lol

Auntie Steph said...

LMBO...I loved the video! Nathan watched it with me and he was waving to her & saying Hi(as if we were Skyping)and after every wave she laughed, so he thought she was really laughing at him!!!! So cute!
I was actually waiting for her to climb over the crib and dresser to reach the other clothes in the drawer, she looked determined! Love her cute lil laugh! I was laughing at you saying you went storming into Lil Chris' room and maybe he was pretending to be asleep, because knowing his father, that very well could have been the case. My boys have been known to be like Uncle Chris in that way!!!! LOL