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Thursday, January 20, 2011

25,000 Hits!! 3 out of 4 on Augmentin;-(

My silly kiddos:)

WOW 25,000 hits!!! Thank you all so much for checking in on Lil' Chris every now and then!! I don't know what I would do without this blog sometimes. It's gotten me through some good and some bad times. Thank you all who have helped me out in some way:) I LOVE ALL your comments, esp advice from my fellow CF moms and dads and CFers;)

This blog is great for uploading pics and videos and also great for when I want to look back and see when Lil' Chris had a cough or cold last, and what antibiotic and such! That's what I mainly use this blog for anymore. It used to be more of a therapy blog for me, but lately it's been to keep a record of everything that is going on with Lil' Chris. For some of my older readers, you could probably tell;) Ever since I joined facebook, I've gotten a lot of new readers...family, old friends, co-workers, and such. I guess I used to be more comfortable spilling my guts and feelings back when it was just other CF mom readers who knew exactly what I was going through and what it was like.

That's ok though, I barely have time anymore and the time I do have, I want to spend it with Lil' Chris and Ayla. Also, my back has still been killing me and it hurts to sit at the table and type....yeah...I'm in pain right now;( LOL! I went to Sam Wanna spa yesterday and got a back massage hoping it would make my back feel better, but it didn't do the trick. It helped a little I thought, and then my hubby finally gave me a massage to help it too, but when I woke up today it seemed to hurt worse;( GREAT!!! Oh well. I guess it's time to go see a doctor. It all started from lifting heavy boxes of gift boxes at work in Nov and Dec. I guess I won't be doing that next year! I've learned my lesson....and it HURTS!!!

So anyways, Lil' Chris, Ayla, and I are all on Augmentin right now. Crazy isn't it?? Lil' Chris for his ear, Ayla b/c she has a little bit of fluid in her left ear and she was getting red spots on her body and she had a little dry cough, and me for a sore throat(which it wasn't even that sore and I wouldn't have taken it except I'm going to be around a baby soon;) I can't remember the last time I was on an antibiotic and got a throat culture!! I'm curious to see if I culture the same as Lil' Chris. lol
Update: I just got the call that my throat culture IS the same as Lil' Chris' usual....Staphylococcus areus. They are going to call me back with the sensitive results, but Lil' Chris' is usually sensitive to Oxycillin (MRSA). We'll see I guess. They said that the Augmentin I'm on should do the trick since it usually works for Lil' Chris. I didn't know that we could share bacterias???? I thought only CFers could share, but I guess anybody can, it's just easier for CFers b/c their lungs are more sensitive.
Hope you have a GREAT day!
PS. BTW, the spa day was sooooo relaxing and great!! I got a 1 hr massage, manicure, and spa pedicure!! Just what I needed!! Thanks Honey for that gift card from 2 Christmas' ago;-) LOL!! Thanks Oma and Opa for babysitting!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Prayers for Li'l Chris & Ayla too!!
Hugs! Aunt Mar

Gemma said...

Oh my. Hope you guys get off the antibiotics soon!

Congrats on the hits!! You're blog is great :)


Auntie Steph said...

Sorry to hear your still having back pain, it's stinks when it's your back! Nice that you had a Spa day (and thankfully you were still able to use your GC from 2 years ago...lol). Hopefully everyone is feeling better!

Katherine Josh said...

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