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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ear Infection Update

To update you...Lil' Chris' ear stopped hurting the next day, so I'm not sure if he really had an ear infection or not. This was his first one, but I didn't think one dose was going to cure it. Does anybody else know?? Does it really work that fast??

He hasn't been coughing that much either. If it really wasn't an ear infection, I'm kinda mad at myself for taking him and getting an antibiotic for him, b/c the more he's NOT on an antibiotic the better for him. Oh well. Now next time he gets a cough they will probably put him on something really gross and he won't want to take it;( Ughhhh

Everything else is good, he's been sleeping through the night and everything. Me on the other hand....I just wish I could get my back to stop hurting!!!!! It's been hurting for almost 2 months now and I know I just need a good back massage, but my hubby just laughs at me whenever I ask him for one;( Any takers???? :) lol


Auntie Steph said...

Everytime Lincoln has gotten an ear infection, he has complained of his ear hurting (no fevers or anything else) and after getting a dose of medicine he seems to be better. There was only one time that he seemed to be in pain a little longer, but he was also sick then! I think that if it's caught early, the medicine seems to kick in quick. He's back on another antibiotic now for the fluid (not an infection) that we keep being told could take 3 months to drain out of his ear.

Gemma said...

I'm pleased to hear he's recovered from whatever was troubling him. Don't be mad at yourself, the doctor obviously looked in his ear and saw something, better to be safe than sorry with our little ones.

It may be that he did have one and has been fighting it well himself, the meds may just clear anything that is left over.

Take care xxx