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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update / Cancelled Vacation=Skiing and Kalahari!!

We were supposed to go on vacation to NJ this past weekend, but we ended up not going b/c of the snow;( I was so sad not to be able to hold my new lil' "nephew" Cameron:'(

Since Chris and I both took off work already, we decided not to waste it, so .....

Friday: We took the kids sledding outside:) They had a BLAST!! Ayla and I made snow angels;) Opa fell in love with our snow blower and did our driveway, Thanks Opa;-) LOL!

Saturday: Chris and I went skiing at Snow Trails. It was SOOOOO much fun!!! I haven't been skiing since before the kids were born, I think! I missed it sooooo much! I felt free as a bird coming down those slopes!! Thanks Oma and Opa for watching the kiddos:) It's been a while since Chris and I got to go on a date like that all day:)

Sunday thru Monday: We took the kids and Oma and Opa to Kalahari (the world's largest indoor waterpark). We all had SOOOOOO much fun!! There is so much to do there for every age!! I wish we had time to do it all!! It was kinda busy on Sunday AND Monday!! Was there no school this Monday or something??? We still had fun:) Lil' Chris went on his first BIG slide with us!! It was a 4 seater raft ride and it was an enclosed tube ride too, so it was very dark and scary...but he did GREAT!! He had a BIG smile on his face at the end:) Chris and I really enjoyed the indoor/outdoor hot tub:) It felt sooooo good, esp on my back when I sat in front of a jet! It was kinda neat sitting outside in a hot tub in my bathingsuit while it was snowing on my head;-) LOL! We can't wait to go back again!! We've decided that if anyone ever wants to get any one of us a gift for whatever occasion.....you can always get us a gift certificate to Kalahari;-) LOL!!! Seriously!! :)

Monday night: When we got home from Kalahari, we had just enough time to eat dinner and then go to my husbands indoor soccer game:) The kids had a blast watching him score a goal!! YEA!! They even got to go out onto the field at half time for the first time ever!! I have a feeling it won't be the last time!! Afterall, both their parents played soccer both indoor and outdoor most of their lives:)

As for an update on the kiddos...Lil' Chris is all done his Augmentin and is not complaining of any earaches and that little cough is all gone. YEA!! Ayla is still on her Augmentin. She didn't like the taste the first few days, but has gotten much better lately in taking the medicine. Her earache and little cough is gone too. YEA!! I'm still finishing up my Augmentin. I missed a couple of doses, so shame on me!! At least I remembered every time for the kids!! As you can see...my life revolves around them, not myself;-) LOL!!

Although, I did do something for myself and went to a chiropractor for my back since the massage the other day didn't work. They cracked me here and there and gave me an ice pack and directions to stretch it and ice it. The stretching and icing really does seem to help (esp after the first day at Kalahari...the wave pool really hurt;-) LOL! Oh yeah.....they also want to see me 3x a week for the next 2 weeks, then 2x a week the next 5 weeks, and then 1x a week for the next 5 weeks!! Ummmmm....I don't think so!! My insurance covers up to 20 visits, but my co-pay is $25 EACH time!! I may go a couple more times just so I can sit and get up out of a chair and bend over and not look like I'm 9 months pregnant! LOL! You can actually see me trying to bend over and pick Ayla up at the bottom of the slide in the video...it hurt so bad bending like that!

I actually have an appt with the chiropractor today at 4 and then a Great Strides meeting at 5:30. One of the other CF moms, Mary, is not able to help in the planning this year. We'll miss you Mary! So since my MIL lives here now, she has offered to help out with the walk!! YEA!Hopefully we can work together and raise LOTS of money for a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis!! You can get an early start and donate today, just click my Great Strides button under my header pic on the right hand side, and then "click to donate!!"

Have a GREAT week!!


Auntie Steph said...

Should have read this one before posting a comment on the last one...lol... because I see here that the kids are better! Anyway, so glad you guys were still able to have a great vacation even if it wasn't here in Jersey. That was awesome that you were finally able to go skiing again!!!! I was going to a chiropracter for my feet and if it wasn't for the cost I would still be going! My copay was $15 but the guy wanted to see me twice a week! Thirty dollars a week adds up quick!
Take care of you!
Love and hugs to everyone!

Gemma said...

I adored the video, so so much fun!! Cant believe how much you guys packed into your holiday time. Sorry it wasn't exactly what you had planned but clearly you guys had a great time regardless.

There was abit on the video about 2 minutes in where Ayla is sat at the top of a slide and it looks just like lil' Chris is about to push her down but she manages it on her own just in time-so cute!!

Loving lil' Chris's camera work too :D

Your kiddos are fearless! :)

Hope your back eases up and so glad to see everyone looking so well now.

Take care xxx