Our old CF Commercial that plays on MCTV. Still working on this years.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Productive Day!! :)

Ahhhhh if feels so good to be back in the fundraising mode again!! That is....only when the kids aren't around driving me nuts and I can actually get some stuff done!! ;-) LOL! Chris took the kids out for a drive and some lunch while I made calls.

Chris and I both had off today, so we tried to get as much done as we could for the walk today. Oma came over to help too...thanks Oma!

Here's what got accomplished today:

  1. Made all my calls about getting food and entertainment for the walk. Now it's just the waiting game of waiting to hear back from them before I call them again;) lol

  2. Found out how we can get electricity for the pavilion this year

  3. Got letterhead ready to get Pat Catan's to do a craft at the walk

  4. Clear Picture gave us the okay to do another commercial for our walk this year AND they are going to not only play it in Wooster, but they are going to play it in the Massillon area too! YEA!!! I also got a couple of pics from Heather, who has 2 kids with CF, that I am going to put in the commercial!! Now Chris and I just have to find some quite time so we can record it...that's not always easy with 2 screaming kids;-) lol

  5. The Daily Record is going to print something up in the newspaper over the next couple of days about the walk and then will do a full article with a pic closer to the walk date

  6. Dropped off some flyers at the pediatricians(they always keep them at the check-out window for me:)

  7. Worked on making new flyers for the tables at my fundraisers, just need to print them now. Chris fancied them up with a picture this year:) YEA!!

  8. Got form for fruit donation, just need to drop it off at Buehler's soon

  9. Got some raffle prizes from Red Lobster, Applebee's, BW3's, and Tractor Supply & Company.

  10. Best of all......I FINALLY GOT A GREAT PIC OF LIL' CHRIS DOING HIS VEST!!! Now I can put that on ALL my fundraising stuff:) YEA!!!! Boy was that rough!! It really takes both me and my husband to accomplish this! I snap away while my husband stands near me and tries to make him laugh or smile. Thanks Honey for helping me out so much today!! I couldn't have done a lot of this stuff without your help!!!

I was also able to get this great pic for the new header pic for the blog;) I love it b/c he always does this whenever one of his hoses pops out... he uses it like a hairdryer:) LOL
So, I feel MUCH better knowing that I got a lot accomplished today for the walk!! I can take a deep breath of relief;-)

Some more good news....Chris and I can't remember Lil' Chris coughing at all today!! That's a GREAT sign!! Maybe his cough IS going away all on it's own!!! Only 15 more days til his next CF clinic visit at Children's Hospital!!

Please keep Lil' Chris in your prayers...they are definitely working!!!



Gemma said...

WOW, that's all I can say.

That isn't a lot sorted, that's a MASSIVE amount sorted, you go super momma fundraiser!!

Good luck with everything and I absolutely love the new header and the other vest picture.

Also really pleased to hear his cough is settling.

Take care!!

Gemma said...

Blimey, I'd be honoured for you to share the post! :)



Auntie Steph said...

Wow, you are really GREAT at fundraising & organizing your walk! Although it may feel stressful and exhausting, you are doing great and deserve a pat on the back! Thanks for the Happy Birthday on here (I just got around to reading this post)!
Love you guys! Looking forward to our next visit!