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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ayla's 3rd Birthday Pics and Video & Lil' Chris' old 3rd Birthday Video :)

I can't believe my baby girl is 3 years old already!!! She is getting so tall just like her big brother:) Check out the video above of her 3rd birthday...She picked out the song ;)

For her birthday, the 4 of us went to Disney World at the end of January!!! We had sooo much fun!! It was their 2nd time going! More pics to come:) Minnie is her fav:)

Things she's doing now...

We started potty training her the first week of January and my goal was to have her ALL potty trained by her birthday 1/29...I'm proud to say she did it, and is 100% potty trained!!!! She didn't even wear any pull-ups in the long car ride to Disney!! She has had only one accident since before her birthday and that happened just the other day. She has been daytime potty trained since March of 2011 when she was 2, but now it is sooooo nice that she is potty trained at night time too!!! I know she could've done it earlier, but I guess my husband and I were just being lazy and didn't feel like changing sheets in the middle of the night yet;-) LOL! In the beginning of potty training, she would call for us at least once in the middle of the night to go potty, but for the past month or so, she has been holding it ALL night like her big brother!!! Sooooo proud of her!!! And I'M soooo happy to not have to get up in the middle of the night anymore;-) LOL

We changed her crib into a toddler bed once she turned 3, just like we did with Lil' Chris when he turned 3. She liked it at first, but then when it was bedtime, I think she missed being the baby;) She wanted us to pick her up and put her in just like when it was a crib. She also has not gotten out by herself in the morning either. She will stand up and call for us, just like she used to in the crib. This is kinda good and bad...good b/c she never gets up a million times like her brother does, bad b/c she's trying to act like a baby still, and also bad b/c then WE have to get up and go get her. That was the big reason I wanted to change the bed, so she could get out herself and not call us to go get her since she is usually the first one up around 8am!!! Oh well, she'll learn soon enough I'm sure. For now, I should enjoy it b/c if she's anything like her brother...she'll be driving us nuts soon getting up and down out of bed and not wanting to go to sleep!!! LOL

Her hair is starting to get really long. She HATES it when I try to put ponytails in so it's not so wild and crazy when we go out!! LOL

She is talking A LOT, maybe a little too much!! LOL! Her speech is not as clear as Lil' Chris' was at this age. She has problems with her "R's" and "L's" so we are working on it. Her pediatrician says it's normal at this age and she will get better when she starts school probably. For now we just keep correcting her and it is soooo funny watching her stick her tongue way out for the "L's." :) I can't help but laugh sometimes, it's so cute:)

She can spell her name and pick out the letters, but she can't write them. She's a little stubborn when it comes to writing, but I remember Lil' Chris was too at this age. We'll have to practice lots before she goes to preschool, possibly this Fall. Ever since we got the iPad, she's been learning her letters and numbers more and more. She works that thing better than me!! She goes from one game to the next game, and she can look at pictures and blow them up...I wonder what the future of these kids will look like with learning all this technology at such a young age?!? :)

She is very particular about things being in their right spots. She will usually correct what Lil' Chris does if it is wrong. For example, if he takes his jacket off and just throws it on the floor, she will come and pick it up and put it on the chair where we usually put their coats all the while saying "Chris! It goes over here!!" She's kinda motherly to him in some ways, even when it comes to him doing his Vest or taking his pills. She will remind him if I tell him to do something and he doesn't do it right away:)

She still sucks her pointer finger on her right hand when she sleeps. Not sure how I'm going to stop her from doing this. Her teeth are really starting to stick out b/c of it though, so we'll have to start doing something really soon.

Lastly, she can be VERY stubborn when she wants to(I have the video's to prove it;) LOL!! But overall, she is a pretty darn good kid! She listens very well and if she doesn't, she does what I tell her usually by the time I count to 3, b/c she knows she will get a spanking if she doesn't. She rarely has to sit in time out, but when she does, she sits very well until I make her apologize for usually hurting her big brother and then gives him a kiss and a hug....I make them do that part more for ME than for them, b/c it just too cute;-) LOL

Today I came across Lil' Chris' 3rd birthday video that apparently I never got around to editing and posting, sorry about that;) Better late than never, right??? Sorry it's not edited completely:) Check out the video below...I can't believe how little Ayla was!! Her hair was soooo short and she wasn't even talking!! Lil' Chris looks so different with longer hair too:) He now gets buzzed by Mommy just like Daddy does...his first buzz cut by me was last month;-) I think I like him in shorter hair, it looks cute:) You'll see in the video that he doesn't get a break from treatments on his birthday...his day STARTED with the Vest and ENDED with the Vest with no complaints! He such a good kid:)

I hope you enjoyed the pics and videos,

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