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Monday, March 19, 2012

CF Update / CF Lungs vs Healthy Lungs

Just a quick update on Lil' Chris...He finished his 3 weeks of antibiotic, Bactrim, a few weeks ago and for the first couple of days his cough was gone! I was soooo excited!! Then he went back to school and came back home with a cough again;( Ughhhhhhh It was sounding wet, but now it seems to be getting better :) PRAISE THE LORD!!! I'm praying for no more coughs before his next CF clinic appt in May.

I called the CF clinic the other day about getting the nebulizer machine for the Pulmozyme or HTS(we still have not agreed on which one to do). We are going to start it after his next CF clinic appt so they can show us how to use it and clean it properly. They said that some have reactions to it, so they like to do the first treatment at the clinic....which is more than fine with me since I have never used one before. Growing up, me and my sisters were pretty healthy, and the only sicknesses that I can remember were strep throat and my sister had to get tubes in her ears....that's it, other than the common colds!!! Thank You Lord!!!

I know these nebs won't make his cough go away or make him never get another cough again....but it will hopefully help him cough up the mucus and get it out rather than staying in his lungs for more bad bacterias to latch onto it causing more problems. I just pray that he doesn't get any scarring in his lungs before we get a chance to start it. Hopefully this new nebulized med will help keep scarring at bay. If we can keep his lungs clear until a CURE is found...then we are golden! If not, then the scarring and irreversible lung damage will stay with him and affect him even if.....I'm sorry.....WHEN a CURE is found!!!

Here is a pic of a CF kids lungs with irreversible lung damage...you can see how cloudy it looks, that's scarring.
Here is a pic of healthy lungs that are clear...
We are so close to a CURE and we can't let Lil' Chris' lungs get like that first pic! We need that CURE NOW before it's too late!! That's why it's soooo important to donate today to help save not only Lil' Chris' lungs, but all 30,000 in the US and 70,000 children and young adults worldwide!! Click here to donate today!!

Thanks so much to all who have already donated!!! It means the world to us!!!

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