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Friday, March 23, 2012

CF and Cough Update / Ayla 1st Time Sneaking Downstairs :)

We kept Lil' Chris home from Preschool today, b/c his nose has been runny and he has been sneezing a lot....oh and of course his cough got worse...argggggg!!!! Not sure if it's allergies or a cold yet. He did have a sore throat after school on Wed though. Please pray his cough doesn't get worse and he doesn't get any scarring or bad bacterias in his lungs. We are going to get his chest x-rays done next month, so we will see if they are still clear or not.

On a good note, Ayla has been getting out of her bed all by herself now!! YEA!!! She doesn't call us anymore to get her out!! WOOHOO!! Only bad thing is....in the morning she freaks me out by just standing next to my bed starring at me til I open my eyes!! Too funny!! Her brother used to do the same thing and still does sometimes:) LOL

At nap time she comes down all by herself too:) Above is the first time she came down by herself and peeked over the ledge, just like her brother used to and still does sometimes:) Click here to see the post of Lil' Chris' first time peeking;)

PS. I'm going to see Hunger Games tomorrow WOOHOO!!!! Can't wait!!! :)

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