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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Annual Chest X-rays and Blood work-almost 5 yrs old

I talked to the CF clinic and we are extending his 5 days to 8 or 9 days of this Azithromycin to finish up the bottle since he still coughs every now and then. It's better, but not gone. They said after an oral antibiotic it should be completely gone, esp since we are going above and beyond with my 7 step treatment plan(check last post;)

Yesterday we took Lil' Chris to the CF clinic to get his annual chest x-ray and blood work done. He did such a GREAT JOB!! He was a little afraid of the needle...he was breathing heavy once he sat on my lap in the chair, but still did great!! After we got the x-rays, I asked if we could get a cd of all his x-rays of the past 4 years and they did it!!! I'll try to figure out how to put them on here if I can. They don't look much different from his first x-ray when he was one, but they aren't very clear either, so not sure what to think. I can't wait til our May 16th appt to ask the dr. I'm going to ask to see the x-ray there so she can go over it with us. They have never done that before, not sure why. I guess I'm gonna have to ask for everything;-) lol

Well, if I'm not on here before Easter, I hope you all have a very happy Easter!! :)

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