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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Decision on Pulmozyme or HTS / CF Update

Hmmmm, I went to go blog today and it's all different!! They changed it on me! You should still see the same, but I think just the way to write on the blog is different now. Not sure if I like it, but I'll get used to it hopefully;-)

Anyway....Big news!!!!!


 Shipped in this cooler/box on ice ice baby ;) lol
 The kids had lots of fun playing with the bubble wrap and dragging each other with the long one:) lol
These are REALLY loud when they step on them and pop them!!
So sad:'( I HATE that he's going to have to take this for the rest of his life, but if it helps him, it will all be well worth it!!! He will start this nebulized drug on May 16th which is his next CF clinic appt. Please pray he takes to it well and that it works for him, b/c if it doesn't then we'll have to try the Hypertonic Saline(HTS). Thru my research, I found both good and bad things about each Polmozyme and HTS. What it seemed to boil down to was that it just depends on the CFer. What might work great for one CFer might not work so well for another CFer. It was a Big decision to choose which one, but we are praying that we made the right decision and this Pulmozyme works miracles for him!

Below is the nubulizer machine. It's the MoblAire 150psi by Invacare, which I was told is the Best of the Best!! I don't have anything to compare it to since this is the first nebulizer Lil' Chris has had...so we'll take their word for it;-)
In other Big news.....Lil' Chris has reached over  
  on the Vest!!! And he mostly sits pretty good thru it, esp since we got the iPad2;) Thank You Kohl's!! :)
As for a CF Update on Lil' Chris...he is doing VERY well!! That last antibiotic finally kicked in and his cough went away!! PRAISE THE LORD!! Our 7 step treatment 3x a day plan worked!! YEA!! Thank you all soooo much for all your prayers! It's soooooo nice not hearing him have a wet cough anymore!! It's seems like it's been way too long since he has gone 100% without a wet cough! I am one happy momma...except Ayla has had a runny nose and a cough for the past week. I think it's just allergies, but I'm REALLY hoping and praying that Lil' Chris doesn't pick up her cough. I'm so glad that she has learned that it's important not to get Lil' Chris sick. She always makes sure she covers her mouth when she coughs, and she tells Lil' Chris when he wants to get close and play, "I don't want to get you siiiiiiiiick!" :)

Again, thanks for your continued prayers,

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