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Thursday, April 26, 2012

ANOTHER COUGH?!? / Kalydeco Helping 20% of CF Population?!?

Sooooo I never should've posted yesterday about his cough being gone 100%, b/c guess what he started today?!? Yup! Another cough! Not sure if he got it from Ayla or not, but this just STINKS!! He's not coughing all the time, but when he does it sounds wet already;( UGHHHHHH!! 

May 16th can't come soon enough!! I'm tempted to call the CF clinic to see if he can start the Pulmozyme now since we have the machine and the medicine now, which btw took me over a MONTH to get!!! I know they wanted to do his first treatment at the clinic, but these coughs are dangerous for his sensitive lil' lungs. I know the Pulmozyme won't take away his cough, but I'm hoping it will help decrease his coughs so he won't get them so frequently. 

The more coughs he gets, the more antibiotics he gets, which means the sooner he will become resistant to those antibiotics, and then what??? I don't want to think about that! So if this Pulmozyme can help decrease those coughs, then he will need less antibiotics, and then when he really needs an antibiotic, he won't already be resistant to it!! Make sense??

We have to try to do all we can to keep his lungs stay as healthy as possible until the miracle drug is ready for him!! I just KNOW it's coming soon for him!! There are so many promising stories about the new drug Kalydeco!! My CF buddy, Ronnie, posted this yesterday about "Kalydeco-Can it Benefit Others?" (click that link) It's very interesting how he talks about Kalydeco, which we were all to believe originally that it was only for 4% of CFers, but now may be able to help 16-20% of the CF population!! That's FANTASTIC NEWS!! Although Lil' Chris still isn't part of that 20%, b/c his CF gene type is different(double delta F508), it still gives us GREAT HOPE that a CURE is coming soon!!! WOO HOO!!!! Thanks Ronnie for sharing!!

Donating now is so much more important than ever, b/c we are sooooo close to finding a CURE, but it takes millions of dollars to get these drugs rolling!! It's so easy to donate and don't forget...it's 100% tax deductible!! Click the following link to donate today and help find a CURE for Lil' Chris and all his CF buddies! Trust me, you'll feel good about yourself afterwards knowing you helped save so many young lives...

Thanks in advance,
PS. I'll send you a cute thank you card with Lil' Chris' pic on it after you donate!!! Just a lil' incentive;-) lol

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